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What Impacts The Price Of A Tattoo?

Lion Half Sleeve Tattoo

You got inspired by a design and now you’re ready to make an appointment to get inked. Hold up, you’ve got to be thinking, “How much will my tattoo cost?” There are a few things that impact the price of a tattoo, including the intricacy of the design, its size, and the tattoo artist you choose. 

Tattoo Details

The cost of your tattoo will greatly depend on how detailed it is. When a tattoo is highly detailed, it will be more difficult to tattoo, it will take more time, and it will require more ink. All this adds up to a hefty price tag.

Tattoo Prices By Size

How big or small your design is can make your tattoo more expensive or cheaper.

Patchwork Sleeve Tattoo

How Much Does A Full-Sleeve Tattoo Cost? 

A full-sleeve tattoo refers to a tattoo design that spans the length of an arm, from shoulder to wrist. A half-sleeve would be a tattoo on either the upper arm or lower arm. Because of the size of this placement, a lot of ink is needed, so this tattoo choice is on the expensive side. 

“These can run you anywhere from $2000 to $4000 for outline only, to upwards of $6000 for full color, as it can take the artist over two full days, either in large chunks of time or multiple shorter sessions,”

Plant Spine Tattoo @terryemi

Other expensive tattoo choices include full back tattoos, tattoo designs that encompass the whole chest, and large leg tattoos. These all run similarly price-wise to a full-sleeve tattoo.

If you choose a particularly challenging place to tattoo – such as the spine, the ribs, the stomach, or the throat – the price of your tattoo can also increase. Due to the difficulty, the tattoo process will take more time and therefore cost more.

Mini Skull Tattoo @taylorrauma

How Much Does A Small Tattoo Cost?

A tiny tattoo doesn’t take much ink or time to do, therefore they’re a lot cheaper and can be around $50 to $100. 

However, if you have your heart set on a tiny hyper-realistic tattoo with many fine lines and details, the cost will increase dramatically. This type of tattoo requires a lot of skill and time to do – it’s a challenge to get a ton of realistic detail into a small space!

If you want to save money on your tattoo, reduce the details instead of going to a tattoo artist who is less experienced. Going to a cheap, unprofessional artist increases the risk of infection, tattoo blowout, and mistakes.

Realistic Sunflower Tattoo @zihong_tattoo

Tattoo Artist

Generally speaking, the more experienced your chosen tattooist is, the more expensive getting tatted by them will be. They’ve spent years honing their craft, so you’re paying for these years of experience and the skills they’ve developed as well as your specific tattoo.

Not only that, but the price of your tattoo will also include the ink being used, the tattoo machine, and other equipment. 

“The tattoo artists need to pay for new needles, tattoo ink, gauze, tape, creams, tattoo covers, disinfecting equipment, special vegan products as well, soaps, ointments, etc. All of this adds up to the overall expenses, which further proves that the overall tattoo cost, though high, is actually completely justifiable,”

Saved Tattoo
Mini Watercolor Lotus Tattoo @handitrip

How Do Tattoo Artists Determine Their Prices?

Taking into consideration the cost of tattoo ink and equipment, as well as studio space and their expertise, tattoo artists usually charge different by-the-hour rates. 

According to Tat Ring, a beginner apprentice tattoo artist charges between $80 to $120 an hour; an established tattoo artist with five years of experience or above could charge between $150 and $180 per hour; and a popular tattoo artist can basically charge whatever they want (be prepared for over $180 an hour).

Red Ink Words Tattoos @onedimpletattoo

When it comes to choosing your tattoo artist, take your time. Explore social media profiles and portfolios to find an artist with a style you love and the expertise you need to create your chosen tattoo.

Also, you can book a consultation with a tattoo artist just to discuss your tattoo ideas and they can give you advice. 

Rather put your tattoo on hold so you can save enough money for your first choice of tattoo artist then go with someone cheaper but with whom you don’t vibe. 

Small Heart Collarbone Tattoo @tinytattooinc

What Is The Least Expensive Tattoo?

The cheapest tattoo you can get is small and minimalistic – the simpler, the less expensive! Tiny hearts, dots on fingers, small crosses, single lines around the finger, and star sign glyphs are all examples of tattoos that would most likely put you on the lower end of a tattoo studio’s pay scale. 

How Much Does Tattoo Removal Cost?

Tattoos aren’t entirely permanent – there is laser tattoo removal. However, this isn’t a cheap option. If you end up disliking your tattoo and want to get it removed, laser tattoo removal can set you back over $400 per session – the amount of sessions you need depends on the size and intricacy of your ink. 

Mini Finger Tattoos @orma_tattoo

What Else Can Make A Tattoo Expensive?

Poor Aftercare

The most important thing you can do for the longevity and quality of your tattoo is to take care of it during the tattoo healing process.

Not following aftercare instructions can lead to bacteria getting into the wound and infecting your skin. This can cause a tattoo to heal badly, so you then may need to go back to your tattoo artist to redo some sections, which costs more money.

Bat Stomach Tattoo @lewismckechnie

Color Ink

Black ink is the cheapest type of tattoo ink. So, if you want a colorful tattoo, expect to pay more. Saved Tattoo explains,

“…let’s say that the starting price for a tattoo is $100. Well, the same tattoo, only colored, can cost double or even triple the starting price for a black and white tattoo.”

Deciding to get inked is a big deal, not only because it’s difficult to get rid of, but also because they’re not cheap! Tattoos are not something to skimp on, however. Take your time to save money for a tattoo experience that will give you the design you’ve been dreaming about.

Moth Tattoos: What They Mean And Tattoo Ideas

Traditional Moth Tattoo @j.r.smith____

Moths: The darker sibling of the butterfly but no less mesmerizing and meaningful. The patterns on this insect’s wings have captured the imagination of humanity, and as such we’ve attached symbolism to this animal that makes it a meaningful choice for a tattoo. 

What Do Moth Tattoos Symbolize? 

These winged insects of the night have a plethora of meanings, from growth and transformation to a deep connection with nature. 

Transformation And Change 

One reason why moth tattoos have become so popular is due to their meaning of transformation. Moths aren’t just born with wings – they go through a four-stage process from being in an egg to hatching into larvae before spinning a cocoon and then finally emerging as an adult. 

Because of this metamorphosis, a moth tattoo can symbolize the transformation in a person’s life. If you want to commemorate the growth you’ve experienced and getting through difficult times in ink, a moth design is a great idea.

Moth And Flowers Tattoo @veraickler

A Connection With Nature 

You’ve probably seen moths flying around bright lights. These nocturnal insects are drawn to lights as they use the moon to guide them. As National Geographic explains,

“Being primarily nocturnal creatures, moths evolved to travel by the glimmer of the moon, by a method called transverse orientation.”

This affinity with the moon means that these insects are deeply connected to the pattern of nature and the earth. 

As such, a moth tattoo can represent your love of nature and especially the moon.

Determination And Survival

Moths have been around for a really long time.

“Moths have survived several extinctions. They evolved to their current form around the time of the Jurassic era. Moths have endured as a species when many others, including the dinosaurs, died out,”

Inkspired Magazine

Due to their ancient origins, a moth tattoo can be a powerful symbol of the determination to survive no matter what’s thrown at you. 

Death Moth Chest Tattoo @genesistattoobp

Bad Luck

Moths are associated with dark themes partly because of their nocturnal nature. Many animals who come out at night – such as the bat – have been viewed in an ominous light through the ages. In Celtic mythology, moths were tied to death,

“Certain species of moth were sometimes involved with superstitions predicting an imminent death or major loss,”

World Birds

What Does A Traditional Death Moth Tattoo Mean? 

A death moth – also known as the Death’s-head Hawk-moth – is a unique species of moth, and gets its name from the skull-like marking on its thorax.

“In many cultures, the Death Moth is even seen as an omen of death or misfortune. For instance, in some parts of Europe, it was once believed that the Death Moth would fly into the rooms of the dying,”

Witchy Spiritual Stuff

In a death moth tattoo, this skull marking is enhanced to make the skull more prominent. This tattoo can represent the duality of life and death, as well as light and darkness. 

Moth Tattoo Design Ideas

There are a multitude of ways to go about creating a moth tattoo design, from incorporating a crescent moon to including a skull.

Moth And Moon Tattoo @serpentsister

Moth And Moon Tattoo

Moths are guided by the light of the moon, so a full or crescent moon can be the perfect addition to a moth tattoo design.

The moon is a symbol of femininity and magic, with the different shapes meaning different things. A crescent moon can represent your intentions, hopes, and wishes while the full moon symbolizes letting go.

Colorful Luna Moth Tattoo @angela.emr_tattoos

Colorful Moth Tattoo

A luna moth is a distinctive type of moth that’s known for its green hue and red accents. If you’re keen on adding color to your moth tattoo and want to mainly focus on the transformation aspect of this insect, this could be the moth tattoo for you.

“Luna moth tattoos represent a metamorphosis in someone’s life, and you may want to receive a luna moth tattoo if you are going through big changes in your life, especially positive changes,”

Tatt Mag
Moth And Dagger Sternum Tattoo @cocreatetattoo

Moth And Dagger Tattoo

You could incorporate a dagger in the middle of your moth tattoo to make the design extra meaningful to you.

“Not only is a dagger a representation of betrayal, loss and danger but it is also seen as a symbol of protection, sacrifice and bravery”

Cloak and Dagger London
Death Moth Forearm Tattoo @brittneyleaxd

Moth And Skull Tattoo

A moth and skull tattoo takes its inspiration from the death moth as discussed above. If you’re partial to the gothic aesthetic and want a tattoo that is on the macabre side, a death moth tattoo is for you.

Colorful Moth Tattoo @dominic_achilles

What Are The Placements For Moth Tattoos?

You can place a moth tattoo wherever you want – you could choose a small moth tattoo design for your wrist, or opt for a larger more detailed underboob moth tattoo.

When it comes to choosing the perfect placement for your moth tattoo, there are a few points to take into consideration:


Some placements hurt more than others. The parts of the body that tend to be painful to tattoo are places with thin skin, not much fat or muscle to cushion the tattoo needle, and close to the bone.


Tattoos on placements that tend to move a lot – such as the hands and fingers – as well as placements that are often exposed to the elements, do tend to fade faster than other more discreet placements.


Do you want your tattoo to be on display often, or would you like it to remain hidden for your job or family? If you fall into the latter category, you may want to consider a placement that can be easily covered up by clothing.

Blackwork Moth Tattoo @reese_cote

Butterfly Vs Moth Tattoo Meaning 

Butterflies and moths are closely related – they belong to the same family of winged insects called Lepidoptera. That’s not where their connection ends – both a butterfly tattoo and a moth tattoo can represent a person’s transformation and overcoming obstacles to come out better on the other side. 

However, due to moths being nocturnal and connected with the macabre, these insects can be known as the butterflies of the night or goth butterflies. 

So, if you want your transformation tattoo to be a bit more of the darker side, you can opt for a moth instead of the more popular butterfly. 

Moth And Skull Stomach Tattoo @hauntedhattie

Moths are fascinating creatures with deep meaning attached to them. If you are attracted to the macabre and are looking for a darker tattoo idea for your journey, consider the humble moth.

Stomach Tattoo Ideas: From Scar Cover-Ups To Moth Tattoos

Snake And Skull Stomach And Sternum Tattoo @neatneedles

Stomach tattoos are designs that feature in the space below the sternum and above the hips. This is a large space that affords tattooees the opportunity to really get creative with their inkings!

From animals with broad wingspans that encompass the whole stomach to tattoos that cover up stretchmarks or scars, there are many ways to go when it comes to stomach tattoo ideas. But, before we start with the tattoo ideas, what’s the pain level of stomach tattoos, and do they fade quickly?

Dotwork Stomach Tattoo

Do Stomach Tattoos Hurt? 

Yes, stomach tattoos do tend to be on the higher side of the pain scale. While there aren’t bones here (which is usually a sign of a less painful tattoo location) there are nerve endings. Authority Tattoo explains that body weight also plays a role in how much a stomach tattoo will hurt,

“Your skin stretches with weight gain and loses its elasticity — if this applies to you, the skin is likely to be more loose and fleshy. This excess skin won’t distort the look of the tattoo but may make for a pretty painful procedure.”

If you’re worried about the pain aspect of getting tattooed, there are a few things you can do to make the experience more comfortable. Firstly, consider your tattoo design. A large, more detailed design will hurt more than a smaller, more minimalistic tattoo.

Secondly, prepare by eating a nutritious meal to stabilize your blood sugar and drink a lot of water to hydrate your skin before your appointment. 

Skull Spider Stomach Tattoo @bensloth

Do Stomach Tattoos Age Badly? 

Weight gain and pregnancy can really impact the look of stomach tattoos as it stretches the skin. With moisturizing and taking care of your skin your tattoo may bounce back after having a baby, but, there is a high chance that your stomach tattoo will be warped. 

“Unfortunately, the stomach is a part that does not hold up with age. You may have an incredible physique now, but it can’t be like this eternally. If you are tense about your stomach tattoo, you can converse with your tattoo artist. They will advise you on the design that will suit you the most,”

Trending Tattoo
Flower Stomach Tattoo @cnzcpp

How Long Do Stomach Tattoos Take To Heal?

Usually, the upper layers of your skin will take around two to four weeks to heal after a tattoo. However, this depends on how you look after your fresh ink. Taking the proper aftercare steps is essential for a fast healing process. 

Your tattoo artist will likely give you a list of aftercare instructions when you leave the studio. This will include washing your tattoo with gentle soap and moisturizing it with fragrance-free lotion.

It’s also important to not have anything rub against your healing tattoo to avoid any ink displacement. This means you shouldn’t sleep on your stomach or wear tight tops. 

Stomach Tattoo Designs

Here are six stomach tattoo ideas to consider that work amazingly well on the stomach: 

Henna C-Section Scar Cover-Up @hibashennaart

Stomach Tattoo Scar Cover Up 

One of the most common scars on the stomach is from a C-section. This scar runs along the bottom of the stomach, and so, in order to hide it, you’ve got to opt for a horizontal tattoo. Tattoo designs of weaving plants and flowers usually work well for this. 

It’s important to recognize that tattooing over scars is a different form of tattooing that has its own set of challenges. So, choose an artist that has experience tattooing over scars. 

‘Blessed’ Stomach Tattoo @punkyweed

Stomach Tattoo Writing 

One of the most popular tattoo designs is writing. Words captivate us and have a way of staying with us long after a song has finished or we’ve put a book down. If you’re thinking about a small, script tattoo, just be aware that fine lines can fade quicker than bolder designs.

“…fine line tattoos do tend to fade quicker due to the fact that the ink isn’t as densely packed under the skin as with other thicker tattoos. This then makes it easier for your body’s immune system to attack and break the ink down before flushing it out of your system,”

Blackwork Butterfly Stomach Tattoo @zeayatattoo

Butterfly Stomach Tattoo

Butterflies represent transformation and starting over. This is due to the life cycle of this insect – from an egg to a larva to an adult with the colorful wings we love so much. So, a butterfly tattoo can represent your new beginning.

“Butterfly tattoos symbolize a great change and development in someone’s life,”

Tatt Mag

Due to the surface area of the stomach, you can really go into detail with your butterfly tattoo and have the wings take up a lot of space. 

Moth Stomach Tattoo @bodypiercings_tattoo

Moth Stomach Tattoo 

This is a great tattoo choice for the upper stomach as the wings follow the shape of the ribs. According to Inkspired Magazine, a moth can be considered as the “butterflies of the night”, as their meaning aligns with their more colorful cousins,

“Metamorphosis is one of the most popular meanings behind moth tattoos. Some people use them to remind themselves that they can always change when life seems stale and needs to shift.” 

Snake Stomach Tattoo @_mosiejczuk_

Snake Stomach Tattoo 

Are you looking for a mini stomach tattoo? You could opt for a snake tattoo on one side of your stomach. While snakes often get a bad rap, they’re actually deeply symbolic animals.

“A characteristic of snakes is that they shed, allowing it to heal and appear new. This lends itself to becoming a symbol of rebirth and transformation,”

Sorry Mom Shop
Big Cat Stomach Tattoo @lozzarachtattooer

Big Cat Stomach Tattoo

The stomach is a great spot for a mirror tattoo – two tattoos on either side that mirror each other. For example, big cats can be used to create this.

On one side of your stomach, you could have a tiger, while on the other side, in the same position, could be a leopard. Big cat tattoos often represent strength and power.

Stomach tattoos are an amazing opportunity to really express yourself; the ample space allows you to get creative with your tattoo design while still being able to easily cover it up when needed.

Stomach Tattoos: What You Need To Know Before Getting Inked

Red Ink Moth Stomach Tattoo @antclaytattoo

Tattoos are a huge commitment. Not only do you have to be okay with being extremely uncomfortable and sore during the process, but you’ve got to live with the ink for the foreseeable future.

The design is one thing, but your tattoo placement also plays a role in how painful the tattoo is, how easily the tattoo heals, and how the tattoo ages. Stomach tattoos have become more and more popular over the years, but is this placement a good idea?

Crocodile Stomach Tattoo @ainnarmor

What Is A Stomach Tattoo?

This is a tattoo that is inked on the abdominal area, under the rib cage, and above the hips. There are different areas of the stomach to consider for a tattoo, including the lower abdomen, the sides of the abdominal area, and the center of the body.

Depending on the placement, your stomach for pain, and your aesthetic preferences, your stomach tattoo can vary in size and design, ranging from small, discreet tattoos to larger, more highly detailed pieces that cover a significant portion of the area.

No matter what area of the stomach you choose to tattoo, and no matter what kind of design you get, stomach tattoos are super easy to hide with clothing, so can be a great option for people who don’t want visible ink. 

Butterfly Stomach Tattoo @niaink

Is A Stomach Tattoo Painful? 

Even in the least painful spots, getting tatted is uncomfortable. This is because you’re essentially getting an open wound. The tattoo needle is repeatedly inserted into the skin opening it up. 

The pain of getting a tattoo is very personal – some people have higher pain thresholds than others so can handle the process with more ease.

Dragon Stomach Tattoo @blvir_

Placement also has a huge impact on how sore the tattoo will be. Areas with less fat and muscle to absorb the impact, and thin skin close to the bone, as well as areas with a lot of nerves, tend to be more painful to tattoo. 

When it comes to stomach tattoos, they’re usually on the high end of the pain scale.

“The level of pain you experience depends on what kind of shape you’re in. People with higher body weights tend to have looser skin on their stomachs than people with lower body weights. A person with tighter skin over their stomach is likely to experience less pain than a person with looser skin in this area,”

Zelda Themed Stomach Tattoo @angela.emr_tattoos

Are Stomach Tattoos A Good Idea? 

This depends! If you love the look of stomach tattoos and you have a design that works well in this area, then go for it!

If you have stretch marks that affect your confidence, a stomach tattoo can be a great choice for you. Stomach tattoos can be used to cover stretch marks and scars.

If this is your plan, make sure to have a chat with your chosen tattoo artist so that they know your goals and can recommend design amendments for the best results.

Butterfly Scar Cover-Up Tattoo @madelin_ink

However, there are a few things to consider, such as your future plans. If you’re planning on being pregnant, the changes in your body during this period can have a big impact on your stomach tattoo.

“When you become pregnant, your stomach grows at a rate that is faster than your body is used to, so your skin often produces stretch marks. Skin fibers soften during pregnancy due to your hormones, making you more prone to stretch marks. If they develop on your tattoo, they can warp it quite a bit,”

Authority Tattoo

Also, a C-section surgery can further distort your tattoo. 

Not only that, but any weight gain can impact the look of a stomach tattoo, as this area is usually the body part that is highly affected by weight fluctuations. 

Roses C-Section Scar Tattoo @kmotattoos

Do Stomach Tattoos Take Longer To Do? 

The length of time it takes to do a tattoo depends on the size and intricacy of your design as well as the placement. 

So, if your tattoo design is large or very detailed, it will take longer to complete and may even take multiple sessions (therefore generally more expensive). The smaller and more minimalistic your tattoo, the less time it will take for a tattooist to do it. 

Stomach tattoos do generally take a long time to do compared to other placements. This is because it’s not an easy area to tattoo. A/B Moore Tattoo explains,

“A simple tattoo that would be on a low price range if placed on a leg could potentially double in price if placed on the ribs or stomach. This is because the skin stretches significantly, and tattooing takes twice as long with more skin to work with.” 

Dragonfly Stomach Tattoo

Do You Eat Before A Stomach Tattoo?

It’s a bad idea to get inked on an empty stomach. Tattooing can really affect your blood sugar levels; if it drops significantly while you’re getting tatted, it may lead to light headedness, dizziness, or even fainting.

So, have a nutritious meal around an hour or two before your appointment to help your body handle the process better. 

Don’t eat a massive burger outside the tattoo studio just before you go in – bloating can make things more difficult for your tattoo artist. 

Also, it’s important to increase your water intake leading up to your appointment, as hydrated skin is way better to ink. 

If you’ve got a low pain threshold, you may want to use a numbing cream. This can be found at pharmacies, or your tattoo artist may have their own – check with them. 

Floral Mandala Stomach Tattoo @hobojacktattoo

How Long Do Stomach Tattoos Take To Heal? 

Generally speaking, the outer layer of a tattoo will take two to three weeks to heal. During this time, it’s important to wash your tattoo with gentle soap and keep your skin moisturized. 

It’s also important to not put any pressure on your new tattoo – that means no stomach sleeping.

“Avoid sleeping directly on your new tattoo, at least the first 4 days. The goal is to try your best not to put any pressure on your tattoo and to keep it from touching anything, at least as much as possible. A healing tattoo needs lots of fresh air and oxygen, so try not to smother it while sleeping,”

Sorry Mom Shop
Roses Stomach Tattoo @argonauttattoo

All tattoo placements have their pros and cons. It’s important to take your time with your decision and narrow down the placement that has more pros than cons, or cons that don’t really impact your lifestyle.

For stomach tattoos, prepare for the pain and the aftercare period so that the process is as comfortable as possible and the end result is a design you adore.

Underboob Tattoos: What You Should Know Before You Get Inked

Leaves Underboob Tattoo @lindacanters_tattoo

You have seen a tattoo design you love, but have you thought about where you want to get inked? Choosing a tattoo placement is just as important as choosing a design. If you want your placement to be easy to hide and you’re not afraid of pain, then an underboob tattoo may be the perfect choice for you. 

How Painful Is An Under Breast Tattoo? 

Underboob tattoos are placed beneath the breast, utilizing the space between the lower curve of the breast and the rib cage. You could shift the design to the side for more of a side boob tattoo so it’s more easily seen with certain clothing choices.

As the placement is located on the bones of the chest area, it is considered to be a painful spot for a tattoo. This is because the skin on the ribs is really thin and there isn’t a lot of fat or muscle between the skin and the bones.

“…the skin is thin and sensitive around many areas of the rib cage. The thinner the skin and the higher density of nerves, the more sensitive it generally is,”

Authority Tattoo

However, tattoo pain differs from person to person – some people are more sensitive than others. 

Moth Sternum Tattoo @judytatto.o

If you’re worried about the pain, there are a few things you can do to make the experience more comfortable: 

  1. Choose a small tattoo design.

The bigger and more intricate your tattoo is, the more time you’ll spend under the needle.

  1. Pick a tattoo artist who is experienced in underboob tattoos. 

An experienced tattoo artist is more likely to be more gentle because they know what they’re doing and are less likely to make mistakes. 

  1. Use a numbing cream.

There are numbing creams and sprays on the market to dull sensitivities. Check with your tattoo artist if they provide this product, or go to a pharmacy to get some. 

Floral Side Boob Tattoo

What Is The Cost Of An Underboob Tattoo?

The size and details of your tattoo design will have a big impact on the price. The bigger and more detailed the tattoo, the more ink needs to be used and the more time it takes to complete. 

What can also drive up the price of a tattoo is the placement.

“The underboob placement will come in as a factor that brings up the cost of your tattoo due to the sensitivity of the area. It takes a higher level of skill and care to tattoo the chest, the sternum or ribs because of how delicate the skin is,”

The Ink Factory

You never want to cut corners or skimp on the price when it comes to tattoos. Going to an inexperienced tattoo artist can increase the risk of tattoo blowout and infections; also, they may lack the necessary skills and techniques to create the high-quality tattoo you’ve been dreaming about. 

‘No Matter What’ Side Boob Tattoo @ziggyinktattoostudio

Do Underboob Tattoos Age Well?

A pro of an underboob tattoo is that it’s not exposed to the sun often. The sun’s rays can cause a tattoo to fade fast.

“When you leave your ink out in the sun, those UV rays are absorbed and essentially break up the pigment in your design. Tattoos themselves are actually under two layers of skin, with the top acting as a filter between the pigment and the sun. However, the more sun exposure, the more colors will fade – regardless of how dark they started,”


However, there are other factors that can negatively impact a chest tattoo.

“The clothing you wear can rub against your new ink and cause friction damage, not to mention the effects of sweat and moisture,”

Tattoo Filter

This is where tattoo aftercare comes in – you’ve got to look after your underboob tattoo while it’s healing as well as after it has healed.

Medusa Sternum And Underboob Tattoo

How To Heal An Underboob Tattoo 

During the healing process, it’s important to not allow any clothing to rub against the tattoo. This is in an effort to not disrupt your skin as it heals – anything rubbing against it can displace the ink, prolong healing, and even open the wound to infection.

So, just wear loose shirts without a bra for around two to three weeks to give your new tattoo a chance to heal uninterrupted. 

You’ve also got to wash and moisturize your tattoo around three times a day to keep your new tat clean. 

After your tattoo has healed, always put on sunscreen when your ink is exposed to the sun, and stay hydrated for long-term tattoo care. 

Underboob Tattoo Ideas 

If you love the idea of getting an underboob tattoo, here are some design ideas that work particularly well with this placement: 

‘Moon Child’ Underboob Tattoo @genevieveink

Underboob Tattoo Words 

The flow of script, or cursive, typography corresponds well with the natural curve of the breast, making single-word or quote tattoos a great option for an underboob tattoo. 

Antlers Underboob Tattoo @raerobinsontattoo

Antlers Underboob Tattoo

Starting at the sternum, an antlers tattoo can extend across the chest underneath the breasts for a large, commanding design. According to Near Tattoos, this tattoo can,

“…depict fertility, humility, swiftness, and renewal because deer antlers can represent all of those things.”

Isis Goddess Underboob Tattoo @estefivo_tattooart

Egyptian Underboob Tattoo 

The most popular Egyptian underboob tattoo design is Isis, the goddess of healing and magic. In the tattoo design, her body is usually tatted in the center of the chest while her wings spread out against the ribs underneath the breasts.

Lavender Sprig Side Boob Tattoo @boscolaynetattoo

Half Underboob Tattoo 

If you’re a fan of minimalistic or small tattoo designs, you could opt for a half-underboob tattoo. This tattoo design could be placed more to the side of the breast and works particularly well with a nature theme. Think leaves and flowers.

Lace Underboob Tattoo @modifiedmadnesstattoo

Ornamental Underboob Tattoo 

These are intricate designs that often flow with the shape of the body. Highly decorative, some popular designs for this tattoo theme include mandalas, floral patterns, lace-like motifs, and geometric shapes.

If you’re looking for a sensual tattoo that’s easily hidden, consider an underboob tattoo. This secretive tattoo placement provides a unique canvas for body art due to its natural curves creating an exquisite flow to words, wings, and mandalas.

Vampire Tattoo Ideas

Female Vampire Tattoo @andrea_ink_frencken

There is something about immortality and eternal life that has fascinated humanity since the beginning of time. Perhaps it’s because our lives are so short. From this fear of death and aging, so many industries have popped up to delay the process.

Creams and botox and cosmetic procedures promise people a youthful glow despite their age. But then, there’s the ultimate decision for fresh-faced radiance: Vampirism. In horror and gothic stories, one can gain immortality from a vampire. However, at a cost.

Vampires are plagued by the desire for blood. These stories have permeated the culture for centuries, weaving within them an aura of mystique, allure, and romance. Now, if you’re intrigued by vampirism, there is a host of inspiration for a vampire tattoo. 

Mini Vampire Teeth Tattoo @natepearl_ta2s

Vampire Tattoo Meaning 

While the most common meaning for a vampire tattoo would be eternal life, it can also act as a tribute to a tattooee’s favorite genre of story.

The vampire is a character very much entrenched in the gothic subculture. A vampire tattoo can therefore represent a love for the macabre and the mysterious. 

In many versions of the vampire myth, these immortals have an interesting juxtaposition: While they are extremely dangerous and do grotesque things such as drinking blood, they’re often seen as alluring and beautiful. This duality is an interesting theme for a vampire tattoo.

When it comes to choosing a tattoo design, there are many vampire tattoo symbols you can take into consideration. Think coffins, crosses, fangs, the moon, and bats.

Coffin Forearm Tattoo @chirima_blk

Simple Vampire Tattoo

If you’re a subtle tattoo lover, you may want to consider a mini vampire-inspired tattoo. One design to consider is a coffin tattoo. After all, according to some legends, coffins are where vampires sleep during the day. 

Besides being a symbol for a vampire, a coffin tattoo can also act as a reminder to make the most of the life you have,

“…the coffin tattoo can also be a reminder to live life to the fullest. We only have one life and one chance to make the most of our time here. Every time you view your coffin tattoo, you will be reminded of this stone-cold fact,”

Tat Ring
Garlic Bunch Tattoo @saraburnsred

Another simple tattoo idea is a tasty one: Garlic! In folklore, garlic is one powerful vegetable to use to ward away vampires. In Greece today this pungent root veggie is well-loved for its protection abilities, as Greek City Times explains,

“In Greece you often see braids of garlic, or large garlic heads hanging over the entry to homes, restaurants, businesses and stores. Some people even go so far as to insert bulbs of garlic into the wall cavities prior to plastering when constructing a building or home, in keeping with this age-all Greek superstition that garlic has the power to keep evil away.”

Therefore, a garlic tattoo can represent protection against negative forces. 

Another simple tattoo idea that’s associated with vampires is a moon tattoo. The moon is commonly included in vampire tattoos to evoke the nocturnal nature of these creatures and the supernatural world they inhabit.

Old-School Dracula Portrait Tattoo @tattoosnob

Vampire Tattoo Traditional 

If you love the old vampire legends like Count Dracula with flowing cloaks and shape-shifting bats, you may want to consider a traditional vampire tattoo. Take your favorite old-school vampire movie or book and create a themed tattoo sleeve. 

If you want to get deep into the details, it makes sense to increase the scale of your tattoo. The more space you have, the easier your tattoo artist would be able to create these details. The smaller your tattoo, the more likely the small markings will blend together as your tattoo ages. 

Vampire Skull Tattoo @inkvisiblemoon

Vampire Skull Tattoo

Typically, a skull tattoo symbolizes death.

“The human skull tattoo generally represents death, the person wearing this tattoo usually uses it [to] symbolize the fact that death does not scare them. It also reminds people that death is inevitable, therefore we should always live life to the absolute fullest,”

Chronic Ink Tattoo

You could add an element of immortality to your skull tattoo by elongating the canines to create a vampire skull tattoo. Bat wings can also be added to further enhance this connection.

Vampire Teeth Tattoo @maaikes_skinart

Vampire Teeth Tattoos

What’s a vampire without fangs? The long, sharp canines are a central feature of traditional vampire tattoos. They represent the iconic vampire bite and signify the predatory nature of these creatures of the night.

You could take a Halloween route with your vampire teeth tattoo by designing them as the costume teeth you put in your mouth when you dress up as a vampire. Alternatively, you could opt for a more feminine design with full red lips and a trickle of blood. 

Vampire Bite Tattoo @jeremydemayo_tattoos

Vampire Bite Tattoo

There is something seductive about the vampire bite. To eternally capture this dark romance mixed with violence, you could opt for a vampire bite tattoo. The most popular spots for this tattoo are the neck, chest, shoulder, and wrist.

Vampire Bat Tattoo @rodrigoalmanegra_tt

Vampire Bat Tattoo

While bats are associated with vampires, there are only a couple of species of bats that actually drink blood! And even then these bats prefer the blood of cattle. So, where did the link between vampires and bats come from? 

For centuries bats have been seen in a negative light.

“…their nocturnal habits, snub noses and leathery wings have earned them a reputation for wickedness and devilry since the earliest times,”

History Today

When it was discovered that some bats drink blood in the 1800s, the connection between the species and vampires was too attractive to ignore.  

Full Vampire-Themed Leg Tattoo @kurogosu

The eternal life of vampires, void of sunlight and filled with blood, has captured the imaginations of many for centuries. A vampire tattoo can be a fantastic tribute to your love of these mysterious creatures and your fascination with the macabre.