10 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Small Tattoo

They say that small is beautiful, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to small tattoos. Some may criticize them and suggest they are not real tattoos, some may look down on them as being somehow inferior, but small tattoos are an art form in their own right.

Created with a single needle and less pigment than a regular piece, small tattoos require a high level of skill from the artist. So much so that some won’t even take them on.

But if you do find a skilled artist, and if you have an idea in mind for a design, here are ten compelling reasons why you should consider choosing a small tattoo.

1. They Are Discreet

Let’s face it, no matter how much we may love body art, there are certain situations in which it’s not socially acceptable to be inked from head to toe. A funeral director or a care assistant, for example, may find it difficult to get clients if every inch of their body is decorated.

Statistics suggest it’s harder to get a job when you have a visible tattoo. However unfair it seems, the bias is real and not everyone can see past a tattoo to the person wearing it.

Everyone can have a small tattoo though. These minimalist artworks can be put in places no unsuspecting member of the public ever has to see. No potential employer or customer or parent-in-law needs know about the tiny tattoo you have discreetly hidden away.

2. They Are a Great Introduction to Body Art

Perhaps you’ve been tempted to get a tattoo but weren’t sure you were ready to commit. Maybe you want to honor a loved one or express your identity but aren’t certain a tattoo is the way to do it. If so, a miniature tattoo could be the right choice for you.

Starting small means you’ll get to go through the whole process of choosing and consulting with an artist, coming up with a unique design, and having it permanently inked into your body without the risk of ending up with something you regret.

3. They Cause Less Discomfort

Being small scale means there’s far less skin-puncturing going on with a small tattoo. Unlike large designs which may take hours, and may even run into multiple sessions, a small tattoo will be completed relatively quickly and in a single sitting.

A very small tattoo will usually involve a single needle, whereas a full-size design will be inked with seven or more. With seven times fewer holes being punched through your skin, the pain level will be considerably lower.

There’s less to worry about immediately after the inking too. A tattoo is an open wound and needs time to heal. The smaller the design, the faster the healing process will be.

4. They Are Instagram Gold

There’s no point having a piece of art on your body if nobody gets to see it, right? What better place to show off your new tattoo than Instagram?

Tattoos have always been popular on the image sharing app — the hashtag #tattoo has more than 120 million posts — and small tattoos are the new up-and-coming hotness. Speaking of which, Instagram is a great place to find inspiration for your next tattoo design, too.

5. They Are Collectible

Your tattoos are not just for the visual pleasure of strangers on Instagram. First and foremost they are a personal expression of who you are or a reminder of something or someone you hold dear. They are an integral part of you, and as you grow and change as a person the chances are you will want to add others to your collection.

With the smallest tattoos coming in at just a few square millimeters, you’ll always be able to find a bit of room for more.

6. They Are Easier To Remove

Mistakes happen, people change, and occasionally we decide we no longer want something we thought we had committed to forever. Sometimes that means getting a divorce, and sometimes it means erasing a tattoo.

Whilst removing a tattoo with a laser beam is possible, it is neither quick nor painless. Indeed it takes longer to remove a tattoo than it does to put one on in the first place. You can expect to experience the same level of pain, too, plus some bonus discomfort afterwards as your skin suffers bruising and burning.

The good news is that because most small tattoos are created with a single needle, artists tend to use less pigment as it can bleed out. Not only does that mean the tattoo will fade faster than the regular variety, but it also means it is relatively quicker to remove.

7. They Are Adaptable

Changing your mind about a tattoo doesn’t mean you have to get rid of it altogether. Another option is to rework it, adapt it, or incorporate it into an entirely new piece. There’s no doubt that the smaller the design, the easier it will be to cover up or blend with something bigger down the line.

8. They Age Gracefully

Whilst tattoos are permanent, the skin into which they have been inked is not. Bodies change with time. We gain and lose weight. We may become pregnant, and we may fall ill. Sooner or later we all succumb to the effects of aging.

With the best will in the world, and even with the greatest diet and exercise regime, our once trim physiques will begin to lose their firmness and our skin will start to sag. Discreetly occupying out-of-the-way nooks and crannies, our smaller tattoos will age more gracefully with us than larger pieces of body art.

9. They Are Budget Friendly

In these austere times, we all have less disposable cash, and any way to save some money is welcome. There’s no reason to forgo a tattoo just because there’s less money around though. Small tattoos are quicker and cheaper than bigger pieces.

And you can always add to them later, turning them into something larger when your budget permits.

10. Tattoos Are Awesome

At the end of the day, however small it might be, a small tattoo is a tattoo, and tattoos are awesome! Whatever your reason for wanting a tattoo, that reason applies equally to a miniature version.


Small tattoos are a low-risk and discreet way to dip your toe into the world of tattoos (literally, if you decide to have one on your toe). They are relatively cheap, quick, and deeply personal way to permanently decorate virtually any part of your body.

Whether you are already inked or are looking to have your first piece done, a small tattoo deserves serious consideration.

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