12 Fairytale Tattoo Ideas Your Inner Child Will Love

Peter Pan Tattoo
Small Peter Pan Inner Bicep Tattoo @by_vas

Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, and Alice In Wonderland… These stories permeated through so many people’s childhoods. You may have had a favorite fairytale while you were growing up.

If you are looking for a meaningful tattoo idea, diving into your favorite fairytale can bring forth an array of inspiration. 

What Psychological Impact Do Fairytales Have On Children? 

So, why did fairytales take such a hold of our brains when we were younger? These stories help children explore their imaginations and escape into worlds teeming with magic. 

Through these magical tales, kids are able to work through complex emotions and develop self-awareness. 

Maleficent Tattoo
Dragon And Maleficent Sleeve Tattoo @thebakery

Extensive research has been done to bring to light the psychological effect that fairytales have on us. One study found that bringing fairytales into a hospital helped sick children ease their anxieties and fears around their illnesses.

Another study suggested that fairytales may improve the overall well-being of a person – this is due to the positive effects these stories had on the personal growth of the participants.

It makes sense that these positive attributes can follow us into adulthood. 

Here are 12 fairytale tattoo ideas from some of the most well-loved stories:

Snow White Tattoo Ideas

Snow White Tattoo
Colorful Snow White Tattoo @hannahmaitattoo

Snow White Tattoo

Of course, the main character of this fairytale is a great tattoo choice! 

Snow White goes through a lot of tough times. Her mother dies, her father remarries a woman who hates her, and then Snow White’s stepmother tries to kill her. She’s definitely a Disney Princess who did not have the easiest life. 

Snow White Tattoo
Minimalist Snow White Tattoo @sivan.ashkenazi_tattoo

Even though she’s been through trauma, Snow White does not let this corrupt her nature. In the story, she is still kind and loving, as you can see in her interactions with the Seven Dwarves. A tattoo of Snow White can represent you staying true to yourself no matter what life throws at you. 

Poison Apple Tattoo
Poison Apple With Dagger Arm Tattoo @tattoosnob

Poison Apple Tattoo

Snow White is not safe for long with her new family in the forest. Her evil stepmother finds her. Disguised as an old woman, the Evil Queen gives Snow White a poisoned apple which puts her into a coma. 

This apple is a pivotal part of the story and can be an ideal Snow White tattoo choice for someone who is looking for a small design.

Apple Tattoo
Realistic Mini Apple Tattoo @zeetattoo

If you want a colorful apple tattoo with a bright red shade, it is important to note that red tattoo ink can cause an allergic reaction.

“Because of the metals and other potentially toxic components in red pigment, it is one of the more likely colors to trigger allergic reactions. Common symptoms of adverse reactions to red ink include itchy, sensitive skin, redness, tattoos that are painful on contact, and swelling. This irritation on only the red parts of tattoos is commonly called ‘red reaction’,”

Tattooing 101

You can ask your tattoo artist to do a patch test before you commit to a red ink tattoo. 

Evil Queen Tattoo
Evil Queen With Poison Apple Calf Tattoo @paulaloutattoos

Evil Queen Tattoo

While she is most well-known as the Evil Queen or the Evil Stepmother, her name is actually Queen Grimhilde. She was queen and lived in an amazing castle – so, why did she hate Snow White? Grimhilde wanted to remain the fairest in the land, and her stepdaughter’s beauty was a threat to this title. 

Her perfect makeup, prominent cheekbones, manicured nails, and regal crown on her head make for a striking image for tattoo inspiration.

Evil Queen Tattoo
Colorful Evil Queen Tattoo @cgualtieritattoo

If you think that Grimhilde is an underappreciated villain and you love the idea of embracing inner darkness, a tattoo of this queen could be your perfect choice. A Queen Grimhilde tattoo can be a symbol of inner struggles, dark femininity, and one’s dark side.

Sleeping Beauty Tattoo Ideas

Maleficent Tattoo
Winged Maleficent Upper Arm Tattoo @lisa_samhain

Maleficent Tattoo

If you like the darker elements of this story, you could choose a Maleficent tattoo. There are a few ways to go about this.

You could get a tattoo of this witch with her characteristic horns, or you could depict the scene where she transforms into a dragon. This could make for an intricate tattoo as it showcases the terrifying dragon with flames and dark magic.

For a more Gothic-inspired tattoo design, look towards the Mistress of All Evil for inspiration.

Sleeping Beauty Tattoo
Hyper Realistic Surrealist Sleeping Beauty Tattoo @inkedmag

Aurora Tattoo 

The name Aurora means “the dawn”, and the princess’ parents chose this as she was the source of sunshine in their lives. 

She was graceful, kind, and shy; as such a tattoo of this Disney princess can represent one’s inner child and carefree joy. However, Aurora’s joy doesn’t last as she pricks her finger and goes into a deep sleep that can only be broken by true love’s kiss. 

Due to this transformation, an Aurora tattoo can also symbolize the journey from innocence to becoming a person capable of facing tough challenges.

Once Upon A Dream Tattoo
Once Upon A Dream Foot Tattoo @redpandameg

Quote Tattoo

One of the most famous quotes from the Sleeping Beauty story is “Once upon a dream”. Aurora sings this in the forest and draws the attention of the prince. It is during this song that they fall in love. 

This quote really captures the dream-like quality of this fairytale. If you are looking for a simple tattoo that encompasses the essence of this story, this is the tattoo for you. 

When it comes to fine line word tattoos, it’s important to note that this style can fade easily because of the limited amount of ink that is used to create it.

To look after your ink and prolong its crispness, take the proper aftercare steps so that the tattoo can heal well, and always put sunscreen on when going out to protect your tattoo from the sun’s damaging rays.

Peter Pan Tattoo Ideas 

Tinkerbell Tattoo
Simple, Fine Line Tinkerbell Ankle Tattoo @mr.jones.tattoo

Tinkerbell Tattoo 

This tiny fairy became so popular after her debut in Peter Pan that she became Disney’s mascot! 

Tinkerbell was Peter Pan’s trusted friend and went on adventures with him and the Lost Boys. However, just because she is whimsical, does not mean she is a pushover. Tinkerbell is known for her fire and strength!

Tinkerbell Tattoo
Colorful Tinkerbell Stomach Tattoo @blckpich_studio

A Tinkerbell tattoo is the perfect choice for the person who is looking for a design that represents femininity, adventure, and freedom.

“Tinkerbell is uninhibited by the laws of nature and gravity and was an independent woman. Her character and personality let us all forget about the heavy nature of life and for a short time, allowed us to go to Neverland with the gang. The Tinkerbell symbolizes the free spirit in all of us,”

Tattoo SEO
Peter Pan Tattoo
Flying Silhouette Peter Pan And Children Tattoo @siihee.tattoo

Lost Boys Tattoo

The Lost Boys lived with Peter Pan in Neverland – they were boys who were lost to their parents and stayed stuck in the juvenile part of their lives. 

As these boys never grow up, a tattoo of the Lost Boys can represent youthfulness and playfulness. 

This tattoo design can either be detailed and colorful with the lost boys flying behind Peter Pan, or, for a more simplistic tattoo design, you could opt for flying silhouettes. 

Peter Pan Tattoo
Peter Pan Silhouette Tattoo Against Full Moon @pt78tattoo

Peter Pan Tattoo 

Peter Pan – also known as The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up – rejected the thought of growing old and instead built a life on a magical land with mermaids and pirates. His days are spent flying around, going on adventures. 

If, as a child, you dreamt that Peter Pan would come through your bedroom window to take you to Neverland, a Peter Pan tattoo would be the perfect choice for you! Especially if you also want your tattoo as a reminder of bravery and playfulness.

Alice In Wonderland Tattoo Ideas 

Alice In Wonderland Tattoo
‘We’re All Mad Here’ Alice In Wonderland Tattoo @lenkainkart

“We’re All Mad Here”

This is probably the most famous quote to come out of the Alice In Wonderland story. It was said by the Cheshire Cat to Alice after she explained that she did not want to be around crazy people. 

Getting this tattoo can be a minimalist inked ode to a person’s non-conformity. 

When it comes to the placement of word tattoos, Byrdie suggests,

“Consider the inner wrists and ankles as safe bets for word tattoos. They will also allow you to read them on a daily basis, which is sort of the point.”

White Rabbit Tattoo
White Rabbit With Pocket Watch Tattoo @pt78tattoo

White Rabbit Tattoo

Alice gets to Wonderland thanks to a white rabbit – she follows him down a rabbit hole and ends up in a magical realm.

As such, a white rabbit tattoo can symbolize adventure and curiosity. Decades after Alice In Wonderland became popular, The Matrix also features the concept of following a white rabbit in order to see the truth and change your life. 

White rabbit symbolism goes further than this, though. Inked Celeb explains that in Japanese culture, a white rabbit represents longevity, while in Chinese culture,

“…the rabbit is associated with the moon and is seen as a bringer of good luck.”

White Rabbit Tattoo
Alice In Wonderland White Rabbit Tattoo @mari.x.art

If you want to include white ink in your rabbit tattoo, it’s important to note that this type of ink is different compared to the more popular black tattoo ink. Because of its light hue, white ink can be a challenge to tattoo, so ensure you choose a tattoo artist who is experienced with white ink.

Also, your skin tone will play a big role in how your white ink tattoo will turn out – the paler you are, the more subtle your tattoo will be. White ink tends to fade quicker, too, so you may need to get more frequent touch-ups. 

Mad Hatter Tattoo
Realistic Mad Hatter Tattoo @edit_paints

The Mad Hatter 

The Mad Hatter is one of the main characters in the Alice In Wonderland story, and he may have been suffering from mad hatter disease, an affliction caused by mercury poisoning. In the Victorian Age (when Lewis Carroll wrote the book) hat makers used mercury in their craft. 

This character can be thought of as a representation of unconventional thinking due to his nonsensical dialogue. Also, the Mad Hatter is at odds with the Queen of Wonderland, making him a symbol of resistance. 

If you are looking for a tattoo design that highlights your unique nature and rejection of oppressive systems, a Mad Hatter tattoo could be the perfect choice for you. 

Alice In Wonderland Tattoo
‘Drink Me’ Alice In Wonderland Tattoo @fleshtattoo

Chat with your inner child and remind yourself of the fairytales you turned to again and again as you grew up. This conversation could provide you with ample inspiration for your next meaningful tattoo.

Whatever tattoo design you choose, take your time looking for a tattoo artist. The end inked result depends greatly on the skill of your chosen tattoo artist!

Yes, getting a tattoo by an experienced, professional tattooist does tend to be expensive, but the risks of ending up with a tattoo you hate decrease. Look through portfolios and explore Instagram profiles to find tattoo artists who are well versed in the style you like.

Then, make an appointment with them to discuss your design. Keep an open mind when they make suggestions — they know what will work and what may not be a good idea.

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