Lower Back Tattoos: Should You Jump On This Revived Trend?

'Ethereal' Lower Back Tattoo | Self Tattoo
‘Ethereal’ Lower Back Tattoo @kiniula.w

The mid-90s to the early 2000s brought with it the popularity of the lower back tattoo. From angel wings to tribal designs, lower back tattoos were proudly displayed above low-cut jeans for a while.

By the late 2000s, this trend waned, but with the recent Y2K fashion revival, the lower back tattoo has, too, seen a comeback.

If you’re thinking about hopping on this trend, this is what you’ve got to know about lower back tattoos: 

Spider Lower Back Tattoo | Self Tattoo
Spider Lower Back Tattoo @inkbyptp

Why Are Lower Back Tattoos Called Tramp Stamps? 

This tattoo placement has a rather negative and misogynistic stereotype attached to it. Through TV shows and movies, the lower back tattoo was seen as a sign of a promiscuous woman.

Now the resurgence of this tattoo trend has shrugged off the misogyny in favor of reclaiming femininity. 

Are Lower Back Tattoos Painful? 

Good news if you’re looking for a tattoo placement that’s lower on the pain threshold: Lower back tattoos aren’t that painful! 

Lotus Lower Back Tattoo | Self Tattoo
Lotus Lower Back Tattoo @fotis_tattoos

“The lower back is an ideal placement for tattoos, as it offers a larger space and the skin is much less sensitive than other areas of the body.”

Authority Tattoo

This is because the area has more muscle and fat and fewer nerves. 

However, if your tattoo design is large and spread out across your lower back, the process can be painful when the ink is placed near the hips.

The spine with its thin skin and many nerve endings is also an uncomfortable area to get tatted, so if your lower back tattoo travels up, expect more pain. 

Symmetrical Floral Lower Back Tattoo | Self Tattoo
Symmetrical Floral Lower Back Tattoo @lelelines

Of course, pain is subjective. You may experience more or less pain than the average person. If you’re worried about this, ask your tattoo artist for numbing cream.

Also, whether you’re scared of pain or not, always take the time to prepare for your tattoo appointment by eating a nutritious meal, having a good night’s sleep, and not tanning or going out into the sun beforehand. 

Celebrities With Lower Back Tattoos 

Many celebrities jumped on the lower back tattoo trend! 

  • The Big Bang Theory star, Kaley Cuoco, has the Chinese symbol for ‘faith’ tatted on her lower back. 
  • Ruby Rose’s lower back features a tribal design with a rose at its center. 
  • Singer Cheryl Cole has a large rose floral design along her lower back and buttocks. 
  • No stranger to tattoos, Angelina Jolie, has a tiger on her lower back. 
  • Eva Longoria has an inked cross on her lower back.
Realistic Butterfly Lower Back Tattoo | Self Tattoo
Realistic Butterfly Lower Back Tattoo @winnietattoo

Do Back Tattoos Stretch A Lot? 

No, lower back tattoos don’t tend to stretch a lot. This is one of the reasons why this tattoo placement gained popularity.

The lower back is one of the few places on the body that doesn’t change over time due to weight fluctuations. Another pro about this placement is the fact that it’s easy to cover up with clothing.

These two pros also mean that your tattoo will be resistant to fading. Tattoos always tend to fade as the body’s immune system sees the ink as a foreign substance so goes to work breaking it down and turning it into waste. 

Chain Link Back Tattoo | Self Tattoo
Chain Link Back Tattoo @lecszi

However, other things accelerate the process.

“…factors such as sunlight, friction and improper care of your tattoos can all accelerate the process of aging your skin and/or fading your tattoos,”

Stories and Ink

While a lower back tattoo will be covered most of the time, when it is exposed to the sun it’s important to lather on the SPF.

“…lighter-colored inks tend to fade faster than darker inks. White and pastel inks fade fastest of all. But even black and gray inks can fade over time if not protected,”

Snake Skeleton Back Tattoo | Self Tattoo
Snake Skeleton Back Tattoo @dan_logan_tattoo

Friction can be a plague on lower back tattoos as the waistband of your pants can rub against your ink. This can be especially damaging while your tattoo is in the healing process.

After you get inked, it’s essential to allow your tattoo to breathe and heal. This means wearing loose clothing, washing and moisturizing your tattoo, keeping it out of the sun, and sleeping on your stomach. 

4 Lower Back Tattoo Ideas

Here are some popular choices for a lower back tattoo design:  

Butterfly Lower Back Tattoo | Self Tattoo
Butterfly Lower Back Tattoo @miss_preciouss

Lower Back Tattoo Butterfly

Butterflies represent transformation. These amazing insects go through a metamorphosis to shift from caterpillar to butterfly. This can represent a person’s own struggle to get where they are in life. 

The lower back can be the perfect placement for a butterfly tattoo as it can suit a large design if you want more details as well as a more minimalistic inking. 

Lower Back Rose Tattoo Designs

A rose lower back tattoo can be versatile based on your own preferences. There’s enough space to go large with an intricate design of many roses and vines. Alternatively, you could go for a simple rose outline. 

Colorful Heart Lower Back Tattoo | Self Tattoo
Colorful Heart Lower Back Tattoo @mika_tattoos

Heart Lower Back Tattoo

For something super simple, you could opt for a heart tattoo! Make it your own by adding extra design elements like the one above, and perhaps include some colors.

Wings Lower Back Tattoo | Self Tattoo
Wings Lower Back Tattoo @tevinjonahtattoos

Wings Lower Back Tattoo

The lower back is an ideal placement for symmetrical tattoos, such as a wing design. Wings can represent spirituality and freedom. 

Tattoo trends are awesome! Not every tattoo needs to have some deep meaning. So, if you want to hop on the trend bandwagon, go for it! Just think about whether you’re still going to love your chosen design after the trend has faded.

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