5 Feminine Tattoo Ideas

Delicate Rose Tattoo @joannamroman

Attributes often associated with feminine tattoos include flowiness and delicate lines. However, a lot is based on the preferences of the tattooee. What can cause one person to think of feminal and graceful characteristics can be completely opposite to what another person would want for their tattoo. 

Tattoos are extremely personal. It’s about what represents your expression of femininity.

Also, what is considered to be feminine in the world of tattoos also has to do with placement – tattoo placements such as the wrist, chest or underboob, ankle, hip, and thigh can be considered “feminine” or sensual places to get tattooed. 

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Kaylee Ruiz, a tattoo artist at The Ink Lab in Queens, New York, explained to Byrdie,

“Personally, I believe ‘feminine’ tattoos are defined more so by the canvas rather than the design. Men commonly get small tattoos in positions that are considered more ‘feminine’, like the ankle, ribcage, or behind the ear.” 

Here are some ideas to inspire your next feminine, delicate tattoo design:

Moon Tattoos

While the sun is considered to be a male symbol, the moon is often associated with the feminine. 

In Greek mythology, Selene was the goddess of the moon. 

“She is said to have driven the moon chariot. This heavenly vehicle got its power from white horses. It drove across the sky, providing the night with its light,”

Greek Gods and Goddesses
Flower Moon Tattoo @tracybtattoos

Selene, along with the Archer goddess, Artemis, have an association with another goddess, Hecate, and together they represent the triple goddess and phases of the moon. 

The symbol comprises the waxing moon (maiden), full moon (mother), and waning moon (crone), and depicts the endless cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth. This symbol is meaningful in some pagan and wiccan sects, and is a representation of womanhood. 

According to Symbol Sage,

“The Maiden is a symbol of youth, purity, pleasure, new beginnings, wildness, freedom and innocence…The Mother symbolizes love, fertility, maturity, sexuality, abundance growth and creativity…The crone represents the fulness of a lived life, embodying the wisdom gathered by living through both the ups and the downs of life.”

Tiny Moon Tattoo @tattooist_dang

When it comes to moon tattoos, there are many ways you can go. From the duality of the sun and moon pictured together, a single crescent moon outline as a tiny wrist tattoo, to the triple goddess of paganism. 

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Butterfly Tattoos

This colorful, whimsical insect is one of the most popular choices for tattoos, and for plenty of good reasons.

Not only are butterflies beautiful with their delicate, colorful wings and can be placed almost anywhere (they can be incorporated into a large tattoo design or make for amazing mini tattoos), but they also have incredible symbolism behind those fluttering wings. 

Simple Butterfly Tattoo @leoabreutattoo

“The metamorphosis of the butterfly, or moth, from crawling insect to an amazing flying creature of grace and beauty, can be incredibly inspirational. That is why many women choose a butterfly to represent their metamorphosis from girl to woman,”

Tattoo Me Now

Butterflies aren’t born with their wings – they start out as caterpillars, and then go through a period of transformation to become the fluttering creatures many cultures attach deep meaning to.

As such, a butterfly tattoo can mean emerging from a transformative experience in your life and coming back stronger. 

Blue Butterfly Tattoos @tattooist_daone

From a small and simple outline of a butterfly, to a delicate yet intricate 3D tattoo that looks like the butterfly is about to fly away, there is a lot to be inspired by when it comes to butterfly tattoos.

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Floral Spine Tattoos

Flowering vines running down the length of the back is definitely an incredible choice when it comes to feminine floral tattoos, however spine tattoos are certainly no picnic. 

Due to the pronounced bones and nerves in this area and the thin skin covering them, getting a needle repeatedly poking along this route can be painful. 

Floral Spine Tattoo @aydenm.ink

However, if you love the idea of a spine tattoo, you don’t have to let pain stop you – besides, when it comes to pain tolerance, everyone is different. 

A popular choice of floral tattoo that looks amazing running down the spine is cherry blossoms. 

These flowers are soft pink, and they only bloom for around two weeks in a year. 

“In Japan, these flowers are symbolic of the spring. They’re all about nature renewing and new life… While the short-lived blooms might make you sad, they’re also remarkably inspiring. Our own lives are also short, and we never know when our time will end. Life is very fragile, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be beautiful and spectacular,”

Tattoo Stylist
Snake and Rose Tattoo @devils_trap_tattoo

Another popular choice for a flower tattoo is a rose.

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Rose Tattoos

Like the butterfly in the world of insect tattoos, roses are one of the most popular flower tattoos. 

And, also like butterflies, not only are roses an amazing choice for a tattoo because of their beauty, but also because of the meanings attached to them – a lot of which has to do with color.

“The traditional red rose tattoo symbolizes love and passion. A pink rose represents grace, gratitude, and affection while purple roses have been used to symbolize royalty and enchantment,”

Detailed Rose Tattoo @faded.canvas

Blue roses can represent rarity and the unattainable, and yellow roses mean joy and friendship. 

A rose tattoo can be minimalist with just the outlines featured, or more intricate with deep hues and delicate details. A place that would work for either design is the sternum.

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Sternum And Underboob Tattoos

Tattoos that grace the chest and underboob can go along the curves of the breasts and can make for a striking tattoo design. 

Wings starting from the sternum and going under each breast (à la Rihanna’s Isis goddess design), delicate floral designs, or a simple symbol on the sternum, there is a lot you can do when you choose this placement for your tattoo 

However, because of the pronounced bones in this area, it can be challenging to tattoo. 

Dragon Sternum Tattoo @joannamroman

Joanna “JoJo” Roman, part owner of Chronic Ink, told Cosmopolitan,

“It’s typically a more difficult area for a tattooist to tattoo because the skin is very thin in comparison to other areas like your forearm, so it is a little bit tricky. Because of that, it could possibly be more expensive.”

This tattoo placement is a great choice for people who don’t want their tattoo on display. A simple tee or shirt and your judgy family or work colleagues will be none the wiser.

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There are many routes to go when it comes to getting a tattoo that represents femininity or womanhood. Delicate, fine line designs can be an amazing option, but at the end of the day, it’s about what holds meaning to you.

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