The Guide to Sleeve Tattoos

The sleeve tattoo on the arm has been gaining popularity in recent years, and with good reason. To those of us who love tattoos and what they express about us, the sleeve tattoo can deliver a visual impact that’s tough to beat.

Should You Get A Sleeve Tattoo?

Lots of people actually start out their tattoo journey with a full-sleeve tattoo. There’s just something about them that draws people in. So, why should you consider having one done? Here are some good reasons to consider:

Visual Impact

As mentioned earlier, there are few things as visually impactful as the full-sleeve tattoo. There’s a lot of space for design on the arm, so you can also express yourself in a variety of different ways in one tattoo.

Want skulls and flowers combined with dragons and unicorns? You have the space to explore that. Do you want a large tribal tattoo combined with meaningful phrases? You can do that too.

It’s Also Easy to Cover up

Sometimes, it’s best to cover up your tattoos. Not all job interviews are friendly to those with tattoos, for example. Not all family members are either. The good news is that tattoos on the arm can easily and quickly be covered up with clothing.

In fact, there are plenty of people walking around now with full-arm tattoos and you’d never know because of the clothing they wear.

Less Painful

Tattooing can be painful and it’s wise to expect that before getting your first tattoo. But a sleeve tattoo tends to avoid the most painful areas. This makes it less uncomfortable and makes for a good place to have a tattoo done if this is your first time.

Advice for Your First Sleeve Tattoo

It’s always going to be a big commitment to get a sleeve tattoo, so it’s a good idea to consider a few things before having it done:

Choose the Right Tattoo Artist

This goes for any tattoo, but definitely makes sense if you’re about to have most of your arm covered in tattoos. The truth is that there are lots of different sleeve styles, so you should choose a tattoo artist that you like. Do you enjoy their art? Do you enjoy their approach and aesthetic?

Consider the Design Carefully

It should go without saying that you need to carefully think about the tattoo design you want. The arm is a big area and you really want to make sure that the design you get is what you want. This will not be like a small tattoo on the ankle.

This is going to be a sleeve tattoo that will be there permanently. What does it say about you? Will it be a timeless design that you can stand by for a decade or more?

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The Placement Is Key

One thing you need to know about sleeve tattoos is that they don’t always cover the entire arm. There are typically three sizes: quarter, half, and full. You should place key elements of the design in areas that can be seen more easily by others.

A good tattoo artist will collaborate with you on your vision every step of the way. They will endeavor to place the tattoos in a way that makes them wrap well across your arm surface.

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Plan it Out Properly

Big sleeve tattoos can take a long time, so lots of people have them done bit by bit. This means having one part done at a time. This means that you should have a vision of your final design in some detail.

Of course, sometimes, you don’t know what you want. In these cases, just start out with some smaller tattoos and then join them all up with extra sleeve designs later.

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Types of Sleeve Tattoos

Some people go for the full-sleeve tribal and others prefer a delicate floral look. There are lots of sleeve tattoo styles to choose from, so you need to have some idea of what truly expresses your inner self. Here are some of the most common sleeve types and designs:


These small and minimalist tattoo designs are excellent for someone who wants to explore the sleeve tattoo in a more understated way.

Whether you are having simple designs of your favorite animals or small symbols that only have meaning to you, you can have micro designs incorporated as part of a bigger sleeve design, or as a sleeve tattoo in their own right.

You can even have some done and then add to them later. The great thing about this design is that it doesn’t even need to ink the entire arm.

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If you opt for a quarter- or half-sleeve design, consider smaller tattoos. Like the micro tattoo, you can have a small and detailed design for a smaller sleeve. This way you can say a lot in a small space.

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They say that less is more, and this is definitely the case with minimalist tattoo sleeve designs. Micro tattoos, simple and bold lines, and geometric shapes define the minimalist style. These tattoos can form a tattoo sleeve through clever combination and visual storytelling.

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Black and Gray

The bold use of black and grey can produce eye-catching sleeve designs. Eschewing the use of color, using black and grey can render images that are shaded, detailed, and unique.

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Mixed Media

Mixed media tattoos combine elements to create an artistic whole. They usually begin with a detailed portrait as the centerpiece, and then add in elements such as quotes, geometric shapes, and other elements to form a coherent whole.

Think of it like combining lots of different elements into a single artwork in Adobe Photoshop.

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Imagine placing your favorite quotes to live by on your arm. When you mix words with a sleeve tattoo design you can end up with a whole tattoo that is specific to you and expresses who you are and what you believe in.

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Floral tattoos have always been popular. The floral tattoo sleeve combines flowers, insects, and organic design into a coherent artwork that can wrap around the arm and create a seamless and eye-catching piece. Don’t’ be afraid to use color in this type of design, as it can really make a piece pop.

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Tattoos have been part of many human cultures over many centuries. The tribal sleeve design reflects these cultural values and can be a great way for a person to connect with their own ancestry and culture.

From Maori to Celtic, tribal designs can be bold, geometric, and eye catching. Just make sure that you do your homework first and get a tribal design that means something to you.

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Having any portrait tattoo done is a great way to honor a recently deceased family member. It’s also a great way to express what you’re into, and can even extend into portraits of celebrities and superheroes.

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