Star Tattoos For Different Personality Types

Quote And Simple Star Tattoo @ddingdong_tat2

Saying that you want a star tattoo is not specific enough. There are so many ways to go when it comes to star tattoo designs. In fact, there is a star for every personality type. 

Stars can be tattooed in almost every style – from minimalistic, tiny tattoos to negative space designs – and you’re not really restricted when it comes to placement. 

There are a galaxy of options for the meanings behind star tattoos, too. A shooting star can commemorate a special moment in your life, a tattoo of three stars can represent a journey, and an upward pentagram can be a symbol of the Wiccan faith. 

Now, let’s get inspired by star tattoos for different types of tattoo lovers.  

Whale And Compass Tattoo @tattooist_jaeo

For Those With Wanderlust

A compass may not be strictly a star, but the star compass is based on the position of celestial bodies. This Micronesian star compass was developed by grandmaster navigator Mau Piailug.

A tattoo of a compass can highlight your love of adventure, while also representing guidance and going in the right direction. 

You can take a compass design down to its basics, such as its rose. A compass rose is a star shape with points directing you to cardinal directions – nother, east, south, west. 

“…following your North Star, or navigating your life’s journey towards your True North is where [a] compass always pointing to the north symbolizes guidance. It will without fail always lead you to where you need to go,”

Tattoo Stylist

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Delicate Star Tattoo @nothingsrs

For The Minimalist

A minimalist tattoo can be a tiny tattoo, but minimalism can also represent delicate lines and super simple details. 

Mini galaxies can be formed from many tiny star tattoos done in different styles. This can give the impression of a scatter of celestial bodies, like freckles. This can work on many different placements, such as the shoulders, forearm, and the ribs. 

White Ink Star Tattoo @tattoo.montenegro

Pay tribute to the brightness of the stars with a white ink tattoo. A white ink star tattoo can be minimalistic in the sense that shadings aren’t used to create the shape. Also, the light color creates a way more subtle design compared with more traditional blank ink tattoos.

However, the lighter the ink that you get tattooed, the quicker the ink pigments tend to disappear from the skin, so you may need to get your white ink star tattoo touched up regularly to keep it looking crisp. 

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Moon And Stars Tattoo @annarehtattoo

For The Feminine

While the sun is a representative of masculine energy, the moon can symbolize femininity. It’s theorized that this comes from the shifting cycles of the moon.

The triple goddess – the maiden, mother, and crone – is depicted as three connected moons.

“The symbol is a representation of the changing phases of the moon which also correspond with the stages of womanhood. It can also symbolize the endless cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth,”

Symbol Sage

If you’re looking for a companion to your star tattoo, what better than the moon, stars’ actual companion in the night sky?

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Nautical Star Tattoo @lilianyeeah

For The Masculine 

Dark lines and strong shapes make up nautical stars, which is a popular symbol in traditional sailor tattoos. This five pointed star is often done in black with negative space, giving this nautical symbol a strong contrast. 

“In olden times, the nautical star was emphatically employed to celebrate the life of any sailor who was lost at sea. In this regard, the regal display can be applied by all men who feel connected to the maritime lifestyle,”

Next Luxury

A tattoo of a nautical star can also be a symbol of protection, because if a sailor could see the stars (and lacked a compass) they could figure out where to steer the ship. 

Nautical Star And Flower Leg Tattoo @inkspirationaltattoo

Tattoo SEO also points out that this tattoo can symbolize good luck,

“The nautical star is most commonly known as a symbol of good fortune while sailing the open seas.”

Due to its roots in the navy, nautical star tattoos are popular among people in the military,

“…the nautical star tattoo is used as a symbol of the United States Coast Guard, Navy, and Marine Corps, particularly because of these branches’ association with nautical travel and duties.”

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Leo Constellation Tattoo @trikona.tattoos

For The Astrologer

Do you check your horoscope regularly? Do you know your sun sign, moon sign, rising sign and more? Then you may want your star tattoo to represent your zodiac. 

Each zodiac sign has its own unique constellation (positioning of the stars); this can translate into a simple, meaningful tattoo. 

Byrdie suggests,

“Add dot detailing and a planet or two around the stars to make the tattoo look as though it’s a part of space, rather than just making it a constellation.”

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Tiny Star Tattoo @goyoutattoo

For The Shy

Tattoos don’t have to be attention-grabbing. In fact, a tattoo can be a secret for just you and a few others. 

Mini tattoos for people who don’t want their designs to be on display can be placed on the hip bone, inner thigh, or on the sternum. 

Even small, you have many options for star tattoos. A standard five pointed star can be negative space with just an outline, or shaded in completely. Another more delicate option is a star tattooed with just a couple of single lines and dots.

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Wooden Pentagram Tattoo

For The Wiccan

Neo-paganism and Wicca have grown exponentially over the last few decades. This reverence of nature and spirituality has its own set of deeply meaningful symbols, one being the pentagram. 

This five pointed star (with the point up) represents the elements: Fire, water, air, earth, and spirit.

“For many people, it’s seen as a symbol of protection and power, in addition to representing the Wiccan belief system,”

Learn Religions

Often pentagram tattoos have a circle surrounding it, which can represent the concept of eternity. 

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Ankle Shooting Star Tattoo @playground_tat2

The night sky is full of inspiration for tattoos, and with the plethora of different styles of tattoos, a star inking can represent so many different aspects of your personality.

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