A Guide To Semicolon Tattoos: What It Means And Tattoo Ideas

Sun And Moon Semicolon Tattoo @lazydazetattoo

When it comes to choosing a tattoo design, many people want to dive into meaningful waters. While there is nothing wrong with fun, frivolous tattoos, meaningful tattoo designs are the way many tattooees go because it relates specifically to their circumstances and lives.

People around the world can have a similar or even same design, but they each look at their ink in a slightly different light. One tattoo that many get inspired by for a meaningful tattoo design is the semicolon. 

Behind The Ear Semicolon Tattoo With Wings @mr.jones.tattoo

What Is A Semicolon? 

If you are struggling to remember your language classes, a semicolon symbol is a punctuation mark that is made up of a small dot with the comma beneath it. This mark is used in a sentence when you want to indicate a pause that is more pronounced than what a comma would indicate. 

It is often used between two sentence clauses when you don’t want to end the sentence with a full stop; the sentence must continue. 

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What Does A Semicolon Tattoo Mean?

The semicolon symbol jumped off of the page and onto people’s skin in 2015. This simple tattoo design became popular as part of a movement to raise awareness around mental health and suicide rates.

The Semicolon Project, an American mental health organization, says,

“A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you, and the sentence is your life.”

For many, a semicolon tattoo represents their decision to keep going despite the challenges that come up. It can be viewed as a symbol of strength.

Semicolon Tattoo Ideas

There are many ways to customize the semicolon symbol to make this your own unique, meaningful tattoo design. 

Heart Semicolon Tattoo @tattooer_aero

Heart Semicolon Tattoo

Instead of the dot at the top of the semicolon, you could opt for a tiny heart. This can represent emotions and the softer side of life. Saved Tattoo explains,

“You can get a heart tattoo if you are into passionate, intimate, as well as heart-warming designs. They are perfect for people who have been through some things, and will suit you if you want to dedicate something to your loved ones!”

If you want to add color to your semicolon tattoo, a yellow heart can symbolize a fresh start, while a red heart often represents passion and love.

Sun, Moon And Stars Semicolon Ankle Tattoo @amante.ink

Sun And Moon Semicolon Tattoo

To incorporate even more intense meaning into your semicolon tattoo, you can add depictions of the sun and moon.

The dot of the semicolon can easily be turned into a shining sun to symbolize new beginnings, and, to balance the design out, the bottom comma can include a crescent moon. This phase of the moon can be seen as a symbol of growth. 

“Traditionally, the half moon is a feminine symbol and has anciently been worshiped as such. It is an icon of the feminine divine in antiquity and serves as the symbol of purity for Artemis/Diana in Greek and Roman mythology. Its opposition with the sun, a typically male symbol, also enhances its femininity, although its power is just as great,”

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Small Semicolon With Butterfly Wings Tattoo @deboratatuadora

Butterfly Semicolon Tattoo

If you want your semicolon tattoo to be a representation of a fresh start and transformation, an amazing addition to your design is a butterfly. 

As a butterfly goes through different stages to get their beautiful wings, an image of a butterfly represents metamorphosis.

“Butterfly tattoos symbolize a great change and development in someone’s life. Typically, this should be something that has touched you to the extent that it needs a tattoo to remind you,”

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Not only that, in many cultures a butterfly can signify good luck.

Mini Semicolon Ankle Tattoo @inkcredibletattooz

Classic Tiny Semicolon Tattoo

Of course, this tattoo already holds a lot of meaning, so a classic semicolon symbol without any additions is still eye-catching. 

When it comes to the perfect placement for your semicolon tattoo, popular choices include the ankle, wrist, finger, and behind the ear – these are all small places that won’t leave much empty space around your design. 

Your placement choice will depend on a few things, namely:

  • Do you want to easily be able to hide or cover up your tattoo?
  • Do you want to be able to see your tattoo easily everyday? 
  • How much pain/discomfort are you okay with during the tattoo process?
Semicolon And Arrow Arm Tattoo @miriamxbb

Arrow Semicolon Tattoo

You can incorporate a semicolon in the shaft of an arrow tattoo design. 

As an arrow can only be shot forward, this is a popular symbol for moving on from something in life. An arrow is the ideal tattoo choice for people who want a tattoo that means triumph. 

“The lone arrow might represent self-defence or protection from harm, independence, power, purpose, direction, or aim,”

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Sunflower Semicolon Tattoo @inkbyabsinthe

Flower Semicolon Tattoo

There are so many different ways to incorporate flowers into a semicolon tattoo design. From a wreath of flowers surrounding the semicolon, to a blooming flower replacing the dot – get creative!

When it comes to what flower or flowers you should choose for your tattoo, it is not just about the aesthetics of the flower, but also the meaning behind it. 

For example, a sunflower tattoo can represent joy and optimism.

If you don’t know where to start, you could find the flower of your zodiac sign. Each astrology sign is represented by a glyph and specific flower. (Check out our astrology tattoo guide to find out what your flower is.)

‘Continue’ Semicolon Tattoo @cruztatt00

Mental health and tattoos can coincide. A meaningful tattoo can represent a part of your life that you’ve overcome; everytime you look at your design, you can be reminded of your strength and perseverance. 

A semicolon is an amazing example of a simple, tiny tattoo with big meaning.

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