Eight Tattoos That Represent Family

Elephant And Flowers Tattoo @bjoern_holtappels

Choosing a tattoo design can be a struggle – what are you going to love for decades to come? This is why so many people opt for meaningful tattoo designs. What has a specific meaning to someone is often something that will stand the test of time.

One option is a tattoo that symbolizes family. Your mother, father, grandparents, and siblings are often relationships that shape your life, and some of your greatest memories and lessons may feature these family members. 

If this sounds like the route that you want to take with your tattoo design, keep reading for eight tattoo ideas that represent family bonds.

Infinity Symbol Upper Arm Tattoo @yeowool_tattooer

Infinity Symbol Tattoo

Do you love the look of simple, minimalistic tattoos? An infinity symbol may appeal to you. The infinity symbol (a sideways number eight) can be viewed as a representation of the family.

This sign means eternal, and an infinity tattoo can symbolize the eternal and unbreakable bond of family. To make this more meaningful to you, you could add family members’ initials, names, or dates of birth. 

Elephant Family Tattoo @leehumphs_tattoo

Elephant Tattoo 

These gentle giants are known to be very family-orientated. There are reports of elephants developing lifelong relationships with one another, and even mourning the loss of their loved ones when they die. As such, an elephant tattoo can be the perfect representation of the love you have for your family.

“Elephant tattoos represent unity, loyalty, love, compassion, strength, and fidelity,”

Tatt Mag
Elbow Ditch Handwriting Tattoo @caseymarietattoo

Handwriting Tattoo

Do you have a note from a loved one? If so, you could get a tattoo of their handwriting. Skin Factory Tattoo tells,

“This tattoo style is becoming increasingly popular among individuals wanting a permanent reminder of someone important to them or a tribute to a loved one. Most tattoo artists will be able to scan handwritten text and replicate it exactly on the skin.” 

When it comes to the size of a handwriting tattoo, it may be best to go bigger rather than smaller. This is because the lines of ink will expand slightly – so, when the words are close together they could bleed into one another.

Chat with your tattoo artist about the best way to approach your specific handwriting tattoo and see if you need to enlarge it. 

Anchor Forearm Tattoo @gorgolink

Anchor Tattoo 

While the anchor motif first gained popularity as part of traditional American sailor tattoos, they have gained popularity outside of this tattoo style.

Anchors have a variety of meanings: They can simply be a representation of the ocean or can symbolize staying grounded.

“…some persons have an anchor tattooed on their body to remind them of someone they lost or dedicated to someone who represented a standing pillar in their lives. This reminder has the purpose of bringing strength and optimism in whichever situation,”

Tattoo For A Week

With this in mind, an anchor tattoo can act as an inked reminder of your family members who have helped keep you stable and have given you strength. 

Tree Half Sleeve Tattoo @xsonseven

Family Tree Tattoo

A tattoo of a tree can symbolize family, with branches and leaves representing different family members and the strength and interconnectedness of your family unit.

“…because of their reputation as being strong, durable, and interconnected, the tree is also a symbol of family bonds. A great idea for a family tribute tattoo would be to get a widespread conifer complete with roots and branches with the names of those you love scattered throughout the branches,”

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Geometric Lion Forearm Tattoo @trendy_tattoo_

Animal Tattoo

If you have got your family in on the idea of getting a family tattoo together, you could each choose an animal that represents your personality or opt for an animal that represents your family as a whole.

For example, when you think of your family and strength comes to mind, a lion tattoo could be the ideal choice. Or, if wisdom is more of the vibe in your family, you could choose an owl tattoo. 

Colorful Flowers Tattoo @myszata_tattoo

Bouquet Of Flowers Tattoo

Each flower in the bouquet can represent a different family member. To choose the flowers for your tattoo, you could either pick a flower that comes to mind when you think of a family member (for example, a sunflower for a joyful, bubbly person) or you could go via star sign.

Each zodiac sign has a specific flower associated with it. 

Coordinates Forearm Tattoo @pure.ttt

Coordinates Tattoo

Coordinates are numbers that determine the position of a certain place. This can be a good tattoo choice for a person who is looking for a minimalist tattoo and wants a mathematical, numerical depiction of a certain time or place without going into too much detail.

“Some people will get their coordinates tattoos to represent a special place that they went with their families when they were younger. For example, if you and your family had a beach house that you went to when you were younger and you created a lot of great memories there, that place could make for an excellent coordinates tattoo,”

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Minimalist Single Line Anchor Tattoo @goodthing.gogi

When it comes to meaningful tattoo designs, looking back on your life and time spent with your family can bring to mind amazing memories to forever celebrate in ink. Each family is unique; use the above as an inspirational starting point for a tattoo that represents your distinctive family bonds.

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