Tiny Best Friend Tattoo Ideas

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Have you and your best friend gone through Best Friends Forever necklaces and bracelets as kids, and now want something a little bit more permanent, like a best friend tattoo? 

Getting a tattoo with someone is an amazing bonding experience, and an incredible way to celebrate a friendship that has lasted years. 

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There are a ton of options to be inspired by when it comes to small bestie tattoos. You two could have the exact same tattoo, tattoos that fit together, or opposite tattoos. What matters is that you both love the design and that they’re meaningful tattoos to both of you. 

Here are five meaningful, small tattoos that represent friendship:

1. Sun And Moon Tattoos

The saying, “Opposites attract” can apply to best friends, too. 

If you and your bestie are not two peas in a pod and want something that represents each of you as individuals as well as your friends, sun and moon tattoos could be for you. 

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The sun and the moon have fascinated humanity since we’ve looked up at the sky, and therefore each has its own deep meaning.

A sun tattoo can symbolize light, rebirth, and energy.

“The sun’s burning rays can perfectly represent an individual’s burning desire for whatever they seek out in life. This type of bold, brilliant tattoo tells the world that you have enough passion to do whatever you set out to do in life.”

Chronic Ink

A rising sun tattoo can represent new beginnings, as each day the sun rises and brings new opportunities. 

Moon tattoos can come in different shapes, including full moon tattoos and crescent moon tattoos. A moon tattoo can represent growth, femininity, magic, and reincarnation. 

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“…the full Moon phase symbolizes one’s peak success, fulfillment, power, and one’s ability to obtain things of wish or necessity. [The] New Moon symbolizes new beginnings, fresh ideas, and the leap of faith we all have to make once in a while. Waning symbolizes surrendering, peace, and silence, as well as the ability to accept a loss. Waxing on the other hand symbolizes positive growth and attainment,”

Saved Tattoo

2. Star Sign Tattoos

Are you and your best friend both into astrology? If both of you feel connected to your star sign, this could be the ideal friendship tattoo for both of you. 

In astrology, each of the 12 zodiac signs has its own glyph (or symbol), flower, constellation, and element. You can each get, for example, your own star sign’s flower as a tattoo – it’ll be unique to you, but still connect the two of you together. 

Star Sign Tattoo @wixien_custom.ink

Do you feel like your star sign doesn’t exactly hit the nail on the head when it comes to your personality? Then you may be more of a moon sign person. Your star sign usually refers to your sun sign, but there is far more that goes into astrology. 

You and your best friend can dive into your natal charts to get a fuller picture of your astrology profile complete with moon signs, rising signs, and more. 

Matching Zodiac Tattoo @dreamsbyann

Read more about the zodiac signs and get inspired by astrology tattoo ideas for each sign. 

3. Book Quote, Movie Line, And Song Lyric Tattoos

Is there a book both of you love? Or perhaps a song that reminds you of your friendship? 

Words are powerful, and can act as a reminder of your connection with your best friend. 

Plus, there are many gorgeous fonts to choose from for your tattoo, such as typewriter script for a more literary feel, or a flowy cursive for an elegant tattoo look. 

Matching Quote Tattoos @tinytattooinc

It can also be a good idea to take into account words that are inspirational to you, and that will serve as a good reminder to you on a personal level.

Some popular choices include: Belle est la vie (life is beautiful), “We accept the love we think we deserve” from the Perks of Being a Wallflower, “Hakuna Matata” from The Lion King, and “We’re all mad here” from Alice in Wonderland

To Infinity and Beyond Tattoo @skinvastattoos

If you two don’t want the same tattoo, but still want tattoos that are connected, one tattoo can start the quote and the other tattoo can finish it. For example the line from Toy Story “To infinity” as one tattoo, and “and beyond” as the matching tattoo.

For more on Word Tattoos, click here.

4. Lotus Flower Tattoos

When it comes to floral tattoos, lotus flowers are a popular choice because of their symbolism. If you and your best friend have experienced the highs and lows of life together, this could be a very meaningful tattoo choice for both of you. 

Simple Lotus Tattoo @alto.ink

A lotus flower represents spiritual enlightenment – but the flower doesn’t start its life above the murky water in beautiful bloom. In order to get to the top and flower, the lotus has to wade its way through mud.

“The flower represents our ability to come from a place of suffering into the light, much like the lotus, whose roots start in the muddy earth and rise up through the water to the light of the sun,”

The Goddess Garden

For a minimalist, small tattoo design, you could opt for overlapping pear shaped petals.

For more on Lotus Flower Tattoos, click here.

5. XO

If you and your bestie want to go super minimal with your tattoo designs, a simple X and O could be for you. 

These symbols can be a subtle way of showing your affection for one another. Plus, these tiny tattoos will work well on a number of tattoo placements, such as the inside of the wrist, a finger, behind the ear, or on the ankle

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With small, fine line tattoos, a minimal amount of ink is used in the tattoo process and any little mistake can easily be seen, so even though it’s a mini, simple tattoo, it’s still important that you go to a reputable tattoo parlour.

You don’t need to go big with your ink to have amazing tattoos that represent your friendship – mini tattoos can be just as meaningful. What matters is that both you and your best friend choose tattoo designs that symbolize your unique brand of friendship.

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