The Meaning Behind Sunflower Tattoos (Plus Tattoo Inspiration)

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Floral tattoos are among the most popular design choices in the body art world. This is because flowers are some of the most aesthetically pleasing things in nature and flower tattoos can be personalized; they’re a great opportunity to add colorful ink, and they can represent so many different things. 

The sunflower is one flower that is a well-loved motif when it comes to floral tattoos. With its bright hue and positive connotation, it’s little wonder why it enjoys so much popularity. 

If you’re drawn to sunflower tattoos and are thinking about getting one of your own, here’s what you need to know:

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What Does A Sunflower Tattoo Mean? 

Sunflowers can have many different meanings, but one of the most common associations with this flower is joy.

“…the fact that the flower is yellow, big, and bright itself shows that all of us can be someone else’s, or our own sunshine and source of warmth and happiness,”

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Sunflowers follow the sun as it travels through the sky in order to receive the most light for photosynthesis. Because of this amazing ability, a possible meaning of a sunflower tattoo can be an inclination towards positivity and always looking towards the bright side of life. 

These happy yellow flowers are also a symbol of good luck and vitality in Chinese culture. People often give sunflowers as a sign of longevity and health. 

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While the red rose is the flower that’s most associated with love, the sunflower can also be a sign of romance. This stems back to the Ancient Greek myth of Clytie and Helios. 

The water nymph, Clytie, loved the sun god, Helios, so much that she lay naked for nine days on the rocks to just stare at the sun, without drinking or eating anything. On the ninth day, she was transformed into a sunflower so that she could always follow the path of her love. 

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Does Yellow Tattoo Ink Fade Quickly? 

One of the most striking things about a sunflower is its bright yellow hue. So, naturally, many people want this translated into their sunflower tattoo. However, not all tattoo ink fades the same way. 

“While red, yellow and green tattoos can look vibrant and striking when first created, they are, unfortunately, the ones that tend to fade at the quickest rate,”

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Many factors need to be taken into consideration when it comes to how your sunflower tattoo will fade. 

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First off, going to an experienced tattoo artist will help to prolong your tattoo’s longevity. This is because inexperienced tattoo artists are more likely to not place the ink deep enough into the skin and not add enough color to the tattoo. When this occurs, then the other fading factors have more of an impact. 

The sun’s rays break down all tattoo ink; so, when you start with a tattoo that’s not done well, the UVA and UVB rays will break it down quicker. 

Another aspect that will have a big impact on how your tattoo ages is placement.

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What Placement Should You Choose For Your Sunflower Tattoo? 

Where you place your tattoo matters, too. Any placement that rubs against the skin or clothes tends to impact a tattoo negatively.

For example, a sunflower tattoo on your hip that rubs against your waistband frequently will fade faster than a sunflower tattoo on your forearm (as long as you put on sunscreen when you go out). 

You also need to take your lifestyle into consideration when deciding on your sunflower tattoo placement. Do you need to hide your tattoo regularly for your job or family? Then, pick a spot that’s easily covered with clothing. One such placement is the outer collarbone,

“…it’s easily covered up by shirts and scarves. Unlike the middle part of your chest, it’s not as likely to bake in direct sunlight, and fade as a result. It’s also an area where skin is least likely to stretch as you get older, which is another factor that can affect how a tattoo holds up over time. The skin on your collarbone tends to stay right where it is, making it a great place for a long-lasting tattoo,”

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The size of your chosen tattoo design will also have an impact on placement. If you want a mini tattoo of a sunflower, you might want to choose an area that matches this size, like the wrist or ankle. This way you won’t have the look of extensive empty space around your tattoo.

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How Do You Look After A New Sunflower Tattoo?

The best thing you can do to make sure you end up with a tattoo that looks good in the long term is to look after your fresh ink. 

Not looking after your tattoo can result in infections and even a distorted design. 

Choose a tattoo appointment date where you can just go home afterwards. Going out with a fresh tattoo isn’t recommended, as in the first 24 hours your new tattoo is basically an open wound and therefore susceptible to infections. So, take the time to rest and recover.  

Your tattoo artist will most likely wrap your tattoo after your appointment and advise you on when to take it off. 

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“As soon as you remove the thin protective cover, clean the tattoo thoroughly. Use lukewarm water and mild tattoo soap to lather on gently and slowly…Wash away all the plasma and blood that has oozed out of the fresh tattoo,”

Ink Eeze

To dry your tattoo, just pat it with paper towels. Rubbing your fresh tattoo with a towel or scratching it can displace the ink.

When the tattoo is dry, moisturize. It’s important to use gentle products without fragrance – unnecessary chemicals can cause a reaction. 

It normally takes around two to three weeks for a tattoo to heal. During this healing process, try to stay indoors so that the sun doesn’t negatively impact your healing skin. Afterwards, lather on the sunscreen. 

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