6 Couple Finger Tattoos To Replace Wedding Rings

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Are wedding rings just not part of your aesthetic as a couple? But, do you still want something to commemorate one of the best days of both of your lives?

In the 21st century, you don’t have to go the metal route when it comes to wedding jewelry… you can go the ink route and have a permanent ring that can’t be lost. 

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Why Do We Have Wedding Rings?

Why do people exchange rings as part of their wedding ceremony? This tradition started all the way back with the Ancient Egyptians. 

The ‘ouroboros’ ring is a design of a snake swallowing its own tail; this represents the never ending circle of life, and is a common motif among Ancient Egyptian symbolism. Egyptian pharaohs even wore and gave rings as a representation of their beliefs that our souls live on after we die.

Wedding Wire goes on to explain,

“We also have the Ancient Egyptians to thank for the tradition of wearing your wedding ring on your left hand. They believed that the fourth finger of the left hand (now commonly known as the ring finger) had a vein that connected directly to the heart.”

Even though this theory has been disproven, the tradition of leaving your left fourth finger open for your wedding band has lived on through the centuries. 

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What Do Wedding Rings Symbolize? 

While today wedding rings can represent lifelong love and devotion, this was not always the case. 

It was the Romans who put forth that a ring had to be given on a wedding day – but, only the woman had to wear it. This ring was used to show that she was someone’s wife. This tradition carried on, with mostly only women wearing a wedding band, until World War One. 

“Soldiers and officers took pride in wearing their wedding rings to display commitment to their spouses. It also reminded them of good memories with their family who were far away. Since the time of the First World War, wedding rings have been worn by both partners to depict their deep love and commitment,”

Symbol Sage

Now, while wedding rings are still extremely popular, many couples are now opting for a tattoo to symbolize what a wedding band does.

Wedding Finger Tattoo Options For Spouses:

Roman Numeral Finger Tattoo @moonee.ink

Wedding Date Tattoo

The date of your wedding is a special one – every year that this day comes about, you both will commemorate your union. 

So, what better tattoo to get than your wedding date? You could opt for simple numbers, or go for Roman numerals to add a sense of durability. 

Plus, it can be used as a reminder that your anniversary is coming up. 

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Single Line Finger Tattoo

Do you want something super simple? A single line can be the perfect minimalist tattoo for your wedding ring inking. 

You could get this single line inked where a wedding band would sit, or you could move it to the upper half of your finger if you’d prefer. 

The circle is a shape with deep meaning, especially in the context of love and marriage, as it is a universal symbol of eternity. 

You want a little bit more than just one line? You can get a double line to add more detail and depth, or dots.

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Diamond Tattoo

Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance in the world, and took center stage in a 1940s De Beers marketing campaign. The phrase “Diamonds are forever” was coined and diamond engagement and wedding rings became the norm. 

As such, a fine line diamond tattoo can be the perfect inked replacement of a wedding band. A tattoo of a diamond on your ring finger can obviously symbolize your wedding day and marriage. Tat Ring adds that a diamond tattoo can mean invincibility, power, forever, beauty, and faithfulness. 

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Infinity Symbol Tattoo

The infinity symbol, depicted as the number 8 on its side, was invented in the 1600s by mathematician, ​​John Wallis. While this symbol was used in the sectors of mathematics, physics, and the metaphysical, it has spread out into romantic unions. 

An infinity symbol tattoo on your ring finger can represent the everlasting love you have with your partner. 

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Crown Tattoo

You’ve found your king or your queen, and now you’re solidifying your union with a wedding and a matching couple tattoo. 

One of the most popular couple tattoos to get is a crown tattoo.

“King and queen tattoos are stronger together. Matching tattoos show that you’re willing to commit to each other, and make it through tough times with strength and courage. They symbolize that you’re willing to maintain the union no matter what it takes,”

Authority Tattoo
Red String Of Fate Matching Tattoos @carrie_l_13

Red String Of Fate Tattoo

This tale is from Ancient Chinese and Japanese cultures. It’s said that for those that are destined to meet, there is a thin red cord tying them together – it’s fate.

“In some versions of the lore it is said to be tied around the little finger, while in others it was said to be tied to the ankles; but in either location, it was affixed upon birth by the gods to keep one connected with their ‘other half.’,”


The Red String of Fate can stretch and tangle, but never actually break. 

To represent your fate being fulfilled as you’ve met your soulmate, you could opt for a thin red bow on your finger.

Hand Poke Initial And Star Tattoo @lehtok

It’s important to note that because our hands are frequently being washed, used, and exposed to the sun, finger tattoos may fade faster than ink on another, more covered placement.

Due to this, you may need to go for touch ups frequently. Chat to your tattoo artist about how often you may need to come back to keep your wedding ring tattoo crisp. 

You don’t have to follow the norm with wedding rings if you don’t want to. Getting a tattoo to symbolize your romantic union can be the perfect way to commemorate your special day and love for one another.

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