Hand And Finger Tattoo Ideas Plus What You Should Know About Hand Tattoo Aftercare

Small Cheetah Head, Eye And Star Finger Tattoos @buraktattooart

Once known as “job stoppers”, visible tattoos are more popular than ever. While there are still some strict workplaces which require people to cover up their ink, tattoos have become far more acceptable across the board. 

Hand tattoos have grown tremendously in popularity over the last few years. From Chrissy Teigen’s series of dot tattoos on her fingers and Ariana Grande’s large crescent moon tattoo on the top of her hand, to Selena Gomez’s tiny arrow tattoo beneath her thumb, many celebrities have taken on this tattoo placement trend. 

Let’s dive into hand tattoo ideas to inspire your next ink appointment:

‘Always’ Inner Finger Tattoo @kcamlow_tattoo

Word Inner Finger Tattoo

Language is something that impacts us all, and most people have specific words that bring to mind good times or a special person. 

If you want a hand tattoo that is subtle and something that doesn’t catch the eye straight away, the inner finger is a great placement. 

Tiny Wave Inner Finger Tattoo @tat_chika

This discreet, simple tattoo is a great idea for the tiny ink lover, however you may need to get touch ups more regularly than if you chose a different placement. This is because the skin on the fingers regenerates quickly compared with other areas of the body as we’re always moving our fingers and hands. 

Outer Edge Hand Tattoo

This tattoo placement is located on the side of the hand beneath the pinky finger and below the thumb. Like the inner finger, this elongated placement is the ideal place for a long design such as a single word

Rose Hand Tattoo @prismetattoo

Another design idea for this placement is a single flower. Depending on the chosen flower, this tattoo can also have deep meaning. One of the most popular flowers to get tattooed on the hand is a rose

“A rose tattoo meaning love won or lost has been popular throughout the ages as a symbol of the highest level of passion. Beauty is in balance with emotion with this flower, and no other can replicate its beauty and historical significance,”

Chronic Ink
Henna Tattoo @henna_art_leeds

Henna Hand Tattoo

Henna usually refers to temporary ink that is used to decorate the body. This is commonly done to celebrate special occasions, such as in Hindu weddings where brides’ hands are decorated with henna patterns to symbolize joy. 

This artform dates back centuries, as Huffington Post explains,

“The exact origins of henna tattooing aren’t clear, however the tradition dates back as far as Ancient Egypt. It was said that Cleopatra used henna to adorn her body and Egyptians used the dye to paint the nails of mummies before they were buried.”

Now, you can take the beautiful pattern further with a permanent tattoo, as singer Rihanna did with her hand tattoo. 

For a feminine, intricate hand tattoo that’s on the larger side, this could be the ideal inspiration for you. 

Sun And Moon Hand Tattoos @ktrewtattoo

Sun And Moon Hand Tattoos

This can be an option for people looking for reflective hand tattoo designs – two tattoos (one each hand) that are related, but not identical. 

A sun tattoo on one hand and a moon on the other can be deeply meaningful. While the sun can represent light and renewal, the moon can mean creativity and growth. 

These two opposing powers can also symbolize male (sun) and female (moon) energies. 

An important thing to know about hand and finger tattoos is that they are prone to blowout, when the ink spreads under the skin outside of the design lines. 

‘Bloom’ And Plant Tattoo @tattooist_ch

This is the result of the tattoo needle going too deep into the skin; this is more likely in hand and finger tattoos, as Saved Tattoos points out,

“…the skin on the fingers is really thin and there are a lot of nerve endings. Furthermore, the tattoo artist needs to stretch the skin as they’re tattooing, which furthers the thinning of the skin and causes issues like the spread of the ink.”

Hand tattoos aren’t the easiest tattoo placement choice for tattoo artists, so it’s important to go to a tattooist who has experience in hand and finger inkings.

Once you’ve got your tattoo, how it heals is up to you.

Heart Finger Tattoos @bakken_tattoo

Hand Tattoo Aftercare 

Hand and finger tattoos are generally tougher to heal. This is because compared to other parts of the body, the hands and fingers are exposed to the elements constantly and go through more wear and tear. 

This doesn’t just make the healing process a bit more challenging, but also leads to finger and hand tattoos fading quickly. 

Dermatologist Melanie Palm said to Allure,

“Movement of the hand over decades causes exaggerated skin lines over joints, and laxity over the back of the hand increases as we lose fat volume and underlying tendons and vessels become more prominent. All of these can affect how the tattoo ages and appears over [the] hand’s underlying anatomical structures.”

Geometric Thumb Tattoo @orma_tattoo

To help your hand or finger tattoo look crisper for longer, follow these four steps:

1. Wash your tattoo three times a day. In the morning, afternoon, and evening, use a gentle liquid pump soap to clean the area then pat dry with a paper towel. Don’t rub dry with a towel – this can be too rough on the thin skin and unsettle the ink. 

2. Don’t let your tattoo dry out. Use a moisturizer (a popular one among tattoo artists is Aquaphor) after you wash your tattoo. 

3. Don’t scratch your ink. This is a huge no-no, but can be difficult to resist because as your tattoo heals the skin gets itchy. Using a thick barrier cream can help relieve some of the itch. You can also keep your moisturizer in the fridge – the cooling sensation may also lessen the itchy feeling.

Click here, for “How To Deal With Uncomfortable & Itchy Tattoos”.

4. Stay out of the sun. UV light can immediately cause your fresh ink to fade. Once healed, always use sunscreen. 

Dot Finger Tattoos @daphne.tattoo

Even though tattoos are more accepted in modern times, there are still some career paths that will be closed to you if you decide to get a visible tattoo. So, the decision to get a hand tattoo should not be taken lightly.

If you do decide to get a hand or finger tattoo, plan ahead. To reduce risk of infection and to give your tattoo a chance to heal without you overusing your hands, it’s a good idea to take some time off work.

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