Cosmic Tattoo Ideas For Space Lovers

Small Planets Tattoos @marvelous_tattooer

Space. It’s a broad subject that encompasses so many things, from planets and galaxies, to shooting stars and constellations. The night sky has inspired so many works of art and literary marvels. The vast, hardly explored universe also acts as inspiring subject matter for body art. 

Realistic tattoos that will have you feeling like you’re on the precipice of a nebular, super tiny planet tattoos, and defined solar system tattoos are just some examples of space tattoo design ideas. 

Let’s take a trip across the universe to explore cosmic themed tattoos.

Planet Arm Tattoo

Who Should Get A Space Tattoo?

Anyone! There is something about getting lost in the beauty of the night sky and the endlessness of space that appeals to so many people. 

There are certain concepts that are involved with space tattoos that can make them particularly meaningful:


Think about the universe. Earth is only a tiny speck in one galaxy among billions of galaxies. Pondering on where our universe starts and ends can give you a headache. 

The symbolism of eternity and how humans are just one blip on the radar when you take into consideration the history of our cosmos is meaningful as a tattoo theme. 

Detailed Saturn Tattoo @soff_carrillo

Exploration And Adventure

Space has barely been explored – there is still so much that we don’t know about it! As such, a space tattoo can symbolise adventure and the courage to go into the great unknown. 


The universe isn’t just spoken about in purely scientific terms; there are spiritual aspects to the cosmos, too. 

There is research that suggests that the Great Pyramids of Giza were built in alignment with the stars.

In Mesopotamia, both astronomy and astrology was advanced, and star worship was part of many ancient cultures. 

“Many philosophers from Greek and Russian culture stated that the Universe connects us to the almighty god,”

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As much as you can put outside meanings on tattoos, body art can be very specific to your unique experiences.

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Outer Space Tattoo Ideas

Full Sleeve Space Tattoo @migtatou

Space Full Sleeve Tattoo

If you want a solid theme for your whole sleeve, the topic of space could be a perfect choice for you. The different colors of the galaxies can fill up the space between large designs, such as planets. 

In the above full sleeve example, the color work is attention grabbing. Although there are a ton of colors next to each other, the white defining lines help the individual elements stand out. 

As you can see, a cosmic theme is a great opportunity to go full on with colors. Also, big tattoos have the space to make shades stand out. However, if you opt for a color tattoo, you should know what you’re getting into. 

Spine Solar System Tattoo

Colors do tend to fade faster than traditional black ink, which means you may need to go for more touch ups to keep your tattoo looking crisp. 

Tattoo placement also plays a role in how your color tattoo will age. As Saved Tattoo points out,

“Shoulders and ankles have tight skin that doesn’t become loose over time, this means your tattoos should keep its shape and color better for longer. Arms, thighs, and abdomen go through lots of changes as we age, affecting the way the tattoo looks.”

Dotwork Tiny Planet Tattoo @ink_dotdot

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Tiny Planet Tattoo

Just because space is massive, it doesn’t mean that your tattoo has to be. You can opt for a mini, delicate design for your cosmic tattoo, like the design seen above. 

Here, Saturn is done with dotwork, and includes two simple stars. 

Dotwork is a tattoo style that requires the tattoo artist to create the design from a range of tiny dots made with ink and a needle. 

Small Crescent Moon Tattoo @handitrip

However, Authority Tattoo points out that when it comes to longevity, dotwork designs don’t usually hold up well,

“Dotwork tattoos made using smaller needles or more faded designs are unlikely to age well. However, if you opt for a combination of thicker dots and lines, your tat should last for longer. On the downside, opting for thicker, bolder lines could interfere with your chosen design, especially if it’s a delicate minimalist piece.”

There are pros to dotwork tattoos, too, including less pain. It’s considered to be one of the least painful tattoo techniques (but, a lot depends on where you get tattooed).

Solar System Tattoo @katarsis_tattoo

Minimalist Solar System Tattoo

You can go big and minimalist with your cosmic tattoo. Minimalism isn’t necessarily synonymous with small tattoos. 

As seen in the sleeve solar system tattoo above, the lines are bold and the design makes use of negative space

The elongated flow of a solar system design works well as a sleeve tattoo as well as a spine tattoo because of the length of the back. 

Tattoo SEO advises tattooees to extensively chat with a tattoo artist in the beginning of the process instead of setting your heart on a specific design before you find an artist,

“Not only do you have to think about the overall look of your solar system tattoo, you also have to design it in a way that fits wherever you want to place it. If you are patient throughout the design process, you should end up with something that suits you and you alone.”

Constellation Shoulder Tattoo @yezottt

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Constellation Tattoo

Other minimalist tattoo designs in the space theme are constellations. 

If you’re connected to your star sign, this could be a great choice for you, as each zodiac has its own specific constellation.

Byrdie suggests,

“Add dot detailing and a planet or two around the stars to make the tattoo look as though it’s a part of space, rather than just making it a constellation.”

A constellation tattoo is often a fine line design, which can be tricky for tattooists, so it’s important to choose an artist who has experience with this style. 

Sun And Moon Constellation Tattoo

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While space is still mostly unexplored, there is so much for our imaginations to play with. From colorful galaxies to reducing the solar system down to minimalistic lines, get inspired for your next tattoo.

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