8 Wanderlust Tattoo Ideas For Travel Lovers

Minimalistic Wanderlust Tattoo @peaceawungshi1203

Do you love planning trips? Do you have a plane ticket purchased for the near future? Are you currently outside of your home country and exploring new places and cultures?

There are so many reasons why some people can’t wait to get on a plane. Not only do you create treasured memories and get stories you’ll retell for the rest of your life, but you also learn more about yourself and what really matters to you.

This strong desire to travel is known as ‘wanderlust’, and wanderlust tattoos are a fantastic theme to explore for those inflicted with this longing. 

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What Does The ‘Wanderlust’ Tattoo Mean? 

If you get a wanderlust tattoo, you’re signaling to the world that you’re adventurous. There’s nothing you like more than roaming around a new place and adding new memories to your travel stories. 

However, there are many traveler tattoo ideas, each with specific underlying meanings that could appeal to you and your unique adventures.  

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What Is The Symbol Of Wanderlust? 

There are different symbols that can represent wanderlust. From a simple wanderlust wrist tattoo for the minimalist ink lover to a more detailed compass tattoo to symbolize navigation, here are eight tattoo ideas for travelers:

‘Wanderlust’ Tattoo @missg_artist

Mini Wanderlust Word Tattoo

One of the most direct ways to go about a tattoo for wanderlust is to simply get the word inked. While you may be aiming for a tiny tattoo, when it comes to lettering, it’s important to not go too small. Tattoo artist, Lisa Doll, explained to Insider,

“Tattoo ink sits in the dermal layer of our skin matrix. So as we age and our skin loses elasticity and collagen, the ink will migrate or spread slightly. Hence, tiny lettering or cramped words and numbers become a blob.” 

Chat with your tattoo artist about the best size for your tiny wanderlust tattoo to ensure longevity. 

Fine Line World Map Tattoo @luanadorea

World Map Tattoo

Out of the travel-themed tattoo ideas out there, a world map inking is probably the most classic choice. The map can be detailed or simplified, with the countries you’ve been to highlighted. 

You could opt for a world map tattoo with just the outline of the countries, or you could add more details such as compass arrows or an airplane. 

Compass Tattoo @monikamoni.art

Compass Tattoo

A physical compass used to be an absolute necessity when traveling!

“Compass tattoos originated as a common ink choice for fishermen and sailors, as they believed the designs would bring them good fortune during their travels and would always guide them home,”


If you have a particular affinity for old school sailor tattoos, this could be the wanderlust tattoo choice for you!

Coordinates Leg Tattoo @storylines.tattoo

Coordinates Tattoo 

Do you have a favorite trip? Or perhaps an adventure that affected you the most? To keep this trip front of mind, you could get the coordinates of the place as a tattoo. You could also get the coordinates of your hometown as a tribute to where you came from and your upbringing. 

Mini Suitcase And Airplane Wrist Tattoo @luanadorea

Plane Tattoo

It doesn’t have to be a plane – some unique wanderlust tattoo designs include hot air balloons and car tattoos, too. The idea is that it represents movement. If you’re more of a road trip person, you could get a car or van tattoo to symbolize your cross-country adventures. 

A simplistic design that has a childlike aesthetic to it is a paper plane tattoo.

“Some people will get a paper airplane tattoo to show that they have a carefree attitude. There are plenty of people who want to express that they will ‘go where the winds take them,’ and there aren’t too many better ways to do that than with a paper airplane tattoo,”

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Mountain, Wave, And Sun Ankle Tattoo @wildandco.salon

Nature Tattoos

If your idea of the perfect adventure involves exploring the great outdoors, a nature-themed wanderlust tattoo is an ideal choice for you.

A mountain tattoo also has a deeper meaning beyond travel, namely facing challenges and overcoming them. You could add trees to your design or snow caps to make the tattoo design more unique to you and your adventures. 

Trees are also fantastic inspirations for a nature-themed wanderlust tattoo. There are different meanings attached to this tattoo choice depending on the chosen tree.

The Tree of Life can represent your connection to Mother Nature, a palm tree can symbolize abundance and good luck, and a willow tree can be a tribute to strength. 

Suitcase Tattoo With Airplane And Camera @liditattoo

Vintage Suitcase Tattoo

A suitcase tattoo can symbolize that you’re always on the move. You can customize your tattoo with little images of palm trees or the Eiffel Tower, for example, to represent your adventures. 

Arm Stamp Tattoo @siobhansbeard

Stamp Tattoo

Collecting stamp tattoos is an excellent way of commemorating your travels. They serve as miniature postcards inked onto your skin, encapsulating the essence of your journeys.

If you have an affinity for small, intricately detailed tattoos, this may be the wanderlust design that perfectly suits your style! With each stamp, you have the opportunity to incorporate subtle symbols that depict the destinations you have explored.

For example, a cactus could be added to a stamp to signify a desert road trip, cherry blossoms can represent Japan, a tent beneath a starry night sky can symbolize a memorable camping vacation, and a croissant can be a way to represent a French escape.

If you prefer to collect memories over physical things, instead of souvenirs, you can ink your adventures onto your skin. The above wanderlust tattoo ideas can become a tangible diary of your escapades, a testament to the places you’ve been, the people you’ve met, and the stories you’ve gathered.

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