Tattoo Ideas For The Whimsical At Heart

Flower Forearm Tattoo @davide_dot

Is practicality not in your vocabulary? Do you prefer the unusual, playful, and unpredictable? If you pride yourself on your whimsy, then there are tattoo ideas you’ll love. From fairies and fluttering wings, to watercolor flowers and Alice in Wonderland quotes, let’s explore whimsical tattoos for lovers of fantasy. 

Whimsical Quote Tattoos

Lord Of The Rings Tattoo @southeastustattoos

“Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost”

This quote is one of the most well-loved and remembered lines from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. This line is taken from a poem about Aragorn, the rightful heir to the kingdom of Gondor, who took many years to wander the wilderness and explore before claiming his throne. 

This quote is a popular tattoo choice for travelers, as it references the fact that exploring and wondering around the world is not synonymous with being lost. At the same time, it can also mean that a person is able to bounce back, no matter how far they’ve wandered off of their life path.

Alice In Wonderland Tattoo

“We’re All Mad Here”

The story of Alice in Wonderland is a treasure trove of tattoo inspiration for the whimsical. The Mad Hatter and his tea party full of wonders, the white rabbit, and the Queen of Hearts are a few stand-out characters that Alice meets on her adventure into Wonderland. 

Another key character is the Cheshire Cat. He meets Alice when she first arrives in this magical world. 

“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked. “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad.”

This line has become a popular tattoo choice over the years because of its call to the nonconforming.

Whimsical Flower Tattoos

Sunflower Tattoo @sphynxtattoodublin

Sunflower Tattoo

With its bright yellow petals, it’s little wonder why sunflowers are a floral representation of happiness.

“Sunflowers are named after the sun because they are known to face the sun and follow it wherever it goes. For this reason, sunflower tattoos can mean that you always follow the sun or happiness,”

Tatt Mag

So, if you’re the type of person who always focuses on the positive side of things, a sunflower may be the perfect flower tattoo choice for you. 

Sunflower Shoulder Tattoo @cut3.tattookorat

Of course, because one of the most recognizable features of a sunflower is its golden hue, many tattooees opt for a color tattoo. But, yellow ink is generally the shade to fade first on a tattoo.

Don’t let this stop you, though, as a lot of how your tattoo turns out and ages is up to you.

“It’s important to choose an experienced and professional tattoo artist who knows how to work with colors. The ink they use is more concentrated and better quality, which means it is less likely to fade over time.”

Saved Tattoo

Other than the choice of tattooist, look after your fresh tattoo and always protect your ink from the sun with sunscreen.

Ankle Dandelion Tattoo @rovertattooing

Dandelion Tattoo

With its fluffy seeds that dance upon the breeze when you blow, is there a flower more whimsical than a dandelion? 

These are delicate flowers – one semi-strong gust blows all their seeds away. 

“A tattoo of a dandelion blowing in the wind is one of the more popular dandelion tattoos. It symbolizes pure joy and bliss. This tattoo means that you desire more happiness in your life. A blowing dandelion tattoo also has the power to bring more joy!”

Tatt Mag
Dandelion And Fairy Tattoo @singleorchid_studio

Of course, one of the most recognizable aspects of a dandelion is its fragile, delicate nature. This translates onto your skin in fine lines. Inkably explains that you may not need to worry about finer lines fading fast,

“As with all tattoos, some fading will occur with the aging of the tattoo. Depending on the placement, some re-touching might be needed. Well done fine line tattoos, however, will not fade any more or faster than tattoos done in any other style.”


How do you make sure your tattoo is well done? Go to a reputable, experienced tattoo artist.

Whimsical Fairy Tattoos

Tinkerbell Neck Tattoo @finelinetattooantwerpen

Tinkerbell Tattoo

This well-known fairy flew her way into the hearts of many through the Peter Pan movies. Tinkerbell was Peter’s constant, feisty companion, and even became the Walt Disney mascot. 

It’s safe to say that Tinkerbell is a free spirit. So, for many people with a Tinkerbell tattoo, this little fairy represents adventure and whimsy.

“The act of flying also symbolizes the free spirit. Tinkerbell is uninhibited by the laws of nature and gravity and was an independent woman. Her character and personality let us all forget about the heavy nature of life and for a short time, allowed us to go to Neverland with the gang. Tinkerbell symbolizes the free spirit in all of us,”

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Small Wings Tattoo @antstattoo_morris

Wings Tattoo

The idea of flight – people have dreamt about this since the beginning. Birds, angels, and fairies have captured the collective imagination and resulted in thousands of stories, myths, and ideas. 

These ideas are incredible inspiration for wing tattoos. There are so many amazing types of wings to adorn your skin with, but most represent freedom and leaving earthly worries behind. After all, what’s more freeing than flight?

One of the great things about wing tattoos is that the design is flexible; it can be done in different tattoo styles, and works with many placement choices.

A small wing tattoo on each ankle can represent the Greek messenger god, Hermes. Or, you can opt for a larger design on your back. When it comes to choosing a tattoo placement, it’s important to consider whether you want your ink to be on display often or hidden.

Fairy Wings Tattoo @rottenhannah

Tattoos are one of the most incredible art forms to express who you are. If you love the fact that you’re spontaneous and adventurous, and enjoy making life a playful experience, the above tattoo ideas should definitely be considered.

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