Stomach Tattoo Ideas: From Scar Cover-Ups To Moth Tattoos

Snake And Skull Stomach And Sternum Tattoo @neatneedles

Stomach tattoos are designs that feature in the space below the sternum and above the hips. This is a large space that affords tattooees the opportunity to really get creative with their inkings!

From animals with broad wingspans that encompass the whole stomach to tattoos that cover up stretchmarks or scars, there are many ways to go when it comes to stomach tattoo ideas. But, before we start with the tattoo ideas, what’s the pain level of stomach tattoos, and do they fade quickly?

Dotwork Stomach Tattoo

Do Stomach Tattoos Hurt? 

Yes, stomach tattoos do tend to be on the higher side of the pain scale. While there aren’t bones here (which is usually a sign of a less painful tattoo location) there are nerve endings. Authority Tattoo explains that body weight also plays a role in how much a stomach tattoo will hurt,

“Your skin stretches with weight gain and loses its elasticity — if this applies to you, the skin is likely to be more loose and fleshy. This excess skin won’t distort the look of the tattoo but may make for a pretty painful procedure.”

If you’re worried about the pain aspect of getting tattooed, there are a few things you can do to make the experience more comfortable. Firstly, consider your tattoo design. A large, more detailed design will hurt more than a smaller, more minimalistic tattoo.

Secondly, prepare by eating a nutritious meal to stabilize your blood sugar and drink a lot of water to hydrate your skin before your appointment. 

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Do Stomach Tattoos Age Badly? 

Weight gain and pregnancy can really impact the look of stomach tattoos as it stretches the skin. With moisturizing and taking care of your skin your tattoo may bounce back after having a baby, but, there is a high chance that your stomach tattoo will be warped. 

“Unfortunately, the stomach is a part that does not hold up with age. You may have an incredible physique now, but it can’t be like this eternally. If you are tense about your stomach tattoo, you can converse with your tattoo artist. They will advise you on the design that will suit you the most,”

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Flower Stomach Tattoo @cnzcpp

How Long Do Stomach Tattoos Take To Heal?

Usually, the upper layers of your skin will take around two to four weeks to heal after a tattoo. However, this depends on how you look after your fresh ink. Taking the proper aftercare steps is essential for a fast healing process. 

Your tattoo artist will likely give you a list of aftercare instructions when you leave the studio. This will include washing your tattoo with gentle soap and moisturizing it with fragrance-free lotion.

It’s also important to not have anything rub against your healing tattoo to avoid any ink displacement. This means you shouldn’t sleep on your stomach or wear tight tops. 

Stomach Tattoo Designs

Here are six stomach tattoo ideas to consider that work amazingly well on the stomach: 

Henna C-Section Scar Cover-Up @hibashennaart

Stomach Tattoo Scar Cover Up 

One of the most common scars on the stomach is from a C-section. This scar runs along the bottom of the stomach, and so, in order to hide it, you’ve got to opt for a horizontal tattoo. Tattoo designs of weaving plants and flowers usually work well for this. 

It’s important to recognize that tattooing over scars is a different form of tattooing that has its own set of challenges. So, choose an artist that has experience tattooing over scars. 

‘Blessed’ Stomach Tattoo @punkyweed

Stomach Tattoo Writing 

One of the most popular tattoo designs is writing. Words captivate us and have a way of staying with us long after a song has finished or we’ve put a book down. If you’re thinking about a small, script tattoo, just be aware that fine lines can fade quicker than bolder designs.

“…fine line tattoos do tend to fade quicker due to the fact that the ink isn’t as densely packed under the skin as with other thicker tattoos. This then makes it easier for your body’s immune system to attack and break the ink down before flushing it out of your system,”

Blackwork Butterfly Stomach Tattoo @zeayatattoo

Butterfly Stomach Tattoo

Butterflies represent transformation and starting over. This is due to the life cycle of this insect – from an egg to a larva to an adult with the colorful wings we love so much. So, a butterfly tattoo can represent your new beginning.

“Butterfly tattoos symbolize a great change and development in someone’s life,”

Tatt Mag

Due to the surface area of the stomach, you can really go into detail with your butterfly tattoo and have the wings take up a lot of space. 

Moth Stomach Tattoo @bodypiercings_tattoo

Moth Stomach Tattoo 

This is a great tattoo choice for the upper stomach as the wings follow the shape of the ribs. According to Inkspired Magazine, a moth can be considered as the “butterflies of the night”, as their meaning aligns with their more colorful cousins,

“Metamorphosis is one of the most popular meanings behind moth tattoos. Some people use them to remind themselves that they can always change when life seems stale and needs to shift.” 

Snake Stomach Tattoo @_mosiejczuk_

Snake Stomach Tattoo 

Are you looking for a mini stomach tattoo? You could opt for a snake tattoo on one side of your stomach. While snakes often get a bad rap, they’re actually deeply symbolic animals.

“A characteristic of snakes is that they shed, allowing it to heal and appear new. This lends itself to becoming a symbol of rebirth and transformation,”

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Big Cat Stomach Tattoo @lozzarachtattooer

Big Cat Stomach Tattoo

The stomach is a great spot for a mirror tattoo – two tattoos on either side that mirror each other. For example, big cats can be used to create this.

On one side of your stomach, you could have a tiger, while on the other side, in the same position, could be a leopard. Big cat tattoos often represent strength and power.

Stomach tattoos are an amazing opportunity to really express yourself; the ample space allows you to get creative with your tattoo design while still being able to easily cover it up when needed.

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