Should You Get a Sea Creature Tattoo?

Did you know that the sea remains the most unexplored part of our planet? As land animals, we have dominated our immediate environment, but the sea remains mysterious and even dangerous.

We are not at home in the sea because we’re not adapted to it. This makes us feel as if we are foreign in its waters, and in need of rescue.

Just think of all of the old stories of ancient seafarers having to battle mythical creatures and the elements. Storms may arise quickly to toss ships about and cause death and injury.

The sea may even swallow us up so that we are never seen again. Just think about the fate of the Titanic, for example.

In this context, the sea is a risky place, but it is also full of enigma and magic because we don’t know much about it. Indeed, there are still thousands of species of animal living in the sea that we have never even seen, let alone catalogued for our own exhaustive records.

Strength and Resilience

If there’s one thing you can say about sea creatures, it’s that they are resilient and strong. Because we consider the sea to be such a dangerous place, we have great respect for those animals living in it, whether they are a jellyfish or sharks.

They have adapted perfectly to an environment that is hazardous to us as land animals, and we see them as strong and resilient.

In this way, tattoos of sea creatures do represent something mysterious, but also something perfectly adapted to an environment that is dangerous to us as humans. A sea creature tattoo can represent strength and resilience.

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The Vast Sea of the Unconscious

The sea is also representative of the vast and dark realms of our unconscious. This is where our deepest and darkest desires live in the shadows.

This is where our personal demons live and the things that motivate us that we don’t want to face in the mirror. The unconscious is also where our shadow selves live according to the famous Psychologist, Carl Jung.

Like bubbles that slowly come to the surface of the sea, our deepest desires sometimes make themselves known. In this context, the sea is symbolic of our unconscious. It is deep and vast and dark. It is also scary and makes us feel vulnerable.

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Should You Get a Sea Creature Tattoo?

One of the great things about sea creatures is that there are so many of them. You can have a whale tattooed on your back that takes up the entire space, or you can be a lot more subtle and have a tiny seahorse inked on your wrist.

Many people have an affinity with the sea, and those who enter it will often feel the inevitable pull of its mysterious magic. It really is another world, and one that many people want to keep on exploring and go back to time and time again.

Sea Creature Tattoos and What They Mean

Goldfish Tattoos

If you have a goldfish, you might like to have a tattoo, as their curves and graceful movement through the water are entrancing. Of course, many goldfish owners also develop great affection for their pets and even manage to train them to some extent.

It’s also important to note that the goldfish is an important symbol in China. On New Year’s, Chinese children carry a Goldfish and a Lotus to symbolize the New Year. They are also strongly associated with abundance in life, luck, happiness, joy, and plenty of wealth and prosperity.

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Seahorse Tattoos

The mysterious seahorse is one of those sea creatures that draws lots of admiration and emotion.

Many human cultures have associated the seahorse with divinity. Their slow and deliberate movements speak of great patience, and they have often been seen as spiritual guides in life.

Jellyfish Tattoos

There’s something truly beautiful and magical about jellyfish. They are ethereal creatures that float in the sea. The light shining through their translucent bodies creates unusual diffractions.

But it must also be remembered that many jellyfish can deliver burning pain through their tendrils.

This dual nature is both enigmatic and alluring. Jellyfish are often associated with intense love. Just as love can be magical and beautiful, it can also cause us intense pain. The jellyfish is a great tattoo for those who fall in love easily and those who accept that love can also cause lots of pain and heartache.

Whale Tattoos

Whales are some of the biggest animals on the planet. In fact, the Blue Whale is the largest creature anywhere on the planet. By nature, whales are gigantic creatures that are also majestic.

Just think about the great white whale in the famous novel – Moby Dick. Captain Ahab becomes obsessed with the whale and it symbolizes his personal demons. He spends years out at sea hunting his great white whale and has many epiphanies as a result.

In many cultures, the whale is also representative of close family bonds. Whales may be large creatures, but they have close bonds with each other and are able to communicate over large distances. Perhaps, if you’re searching for something or you have close connections with family, a whale tattoo is for you.

Dolphin Tattoos

The dolphin is one of the most intelligent creatures of the sea, as far as we know. We can even communicate with them and train them. They have an intelligence that is still largely unknown, but it seems quite clear from studying them that dolphins are sentient creatures, just like us.

The dolphin symbolizes not just intelligence, but also playfulness and a free spirit. Dolphins love to be playful and their strong bond with other dolphins and family members appeals to many people.

Shark Tattoos

The shark is an apex predator in the sea. They have a reputation for being lethal hunters that can smell blood from a mile away. In movies such as Jaws, they are also seen as deadly monsters that can terrorize entire communities. While this may be a slight exaggeration, sharks are definitely associated with predation and finely honed hunting skills.

The great thing about the shark is that they also represent domination and authority. They may be deadly killers, but this makes them determined and able to target their prey and do what it takes to get the kill.

If you have a strong alpha type personality and you have great determination, a shark tattoo might just be the tattoo for you.

Lobster Tattoos

Do you feel like you have a suit of armor on? Do you hide your feelings underneath a hard shell? Are you a reserved person who is protective? If you relate to this, a lobster tattoo might just be for you.

Crustaceans have hard exoskeletons. This offers them protection from the elements. But lobsters also transform their bodies as they outgrow one shell and grow another. The shell is not just protective, but it also symbolizes a regeneration of transformation.


Whether you have a dolphin tattoo or a lobster tattoo, sea creatures come from an area of the planet that has long mystified, scared, and fascinated us. They are strong and resilient and make for great tattoos in any style.

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