Eight Tattoos That Mean Luck

Shooting Star Forearm Tattoo @catnurse_tattoo

People often turn to their past when thinking about tattoo ideas. What you’ve been through and how you’ve transformed are some of the best inspirations for meaningful tattoos.

But, what about looking to your future and what you want to experience? What kind of energy or mentality do you want to bring to your next phase of life? Good luck tattoos can be a great choice to represent your hopes for the future. 

From ancient cultural symbols to spiritual numbers, here are eight tattoos that are considered to represent luck and success:

Four-Leaf Clover Wrist Tattoo @eins_tattooer

Want To Be Lucky With Money? Then This Is The Tattoo For You

One of the most common symbols of luck is the four-leaf clover. This is because they’re extremely rare to find – in fact, your chances of coming across a four-leaf clover is 1-in-10,000 according to Statistics By Jim

“It is believed when you find a four-leaf clover, you also wield the power of great fortune. Each leaf is said to represent fame, wealth, love, and health,”

Saved Tattoo

This lucky meaning can be traced back all the way to the times of the Druids in Celtic Ireland when it was believed clovers had magical powers and were used in ceremonies for their protective abilities.

777 Ribcage Tattoo @bialek.pl

What Does The Number 777 Mean In A Tattoo?

There are some sequences of numbers that are said to bring good luck, one being 777. This is known as an angel number – a concept from numerology and spiritual beliefs that says that these numbers hold symbolic meaning and can serve as messages or guidance from the divine.

According to the Ministry of Numerology,

“The number 7 is considered to be a lucky number in many cultures, and the triple 7 tattoos can be seen as a way of amplifying that luck.”

This number can also be a representation of new beginnings.

Shooting Star Ribcage Tattoo @lacktan.t

A Tattoo To Make Your Wish Come True 

When you see a shooting star, what’s the first thing that comes to many people’s minds? Make a wish. Greek astronomer, Ptolemy, theorized that shooting stars were a way for the gods to check up on mortals.

So, if you have a request, the best time to ask is when the eyes of the gods are upon you. 

“In the 1830s, the idea of wishing upon stars became even more prominent in modern beliefs. Seeing a meteor was believed to be a sign of promise, luck, and good fortune…”

Farmers’ Almanac

With this in mind, a shooting star can represent your dreams coming true as well as divine messages.

Fine Line Elephant Tattoo @tattooby_arif

A Symbol For Longevity And Success 

Elephants are incredible animals, revered for their long memories and compassion. This animal is one of the best tattoos to represent luck, as,

“Elephant tattoos with their trunk up come from ancient Chinese beliefs representing good luck,”

Tatt Mag

These impressive animals also play a role in Hindu beliefs in the form of the god, Ganesha. He is often seen as the remover of obstacles and the bringer of luck and can symbolize strength, protection, and abundance.

Realistic Mini Acorn Tattoo @ch.tattoo.ahn

Lucky Tattoo Idea From The Vikings

The oak tree, and therefore acorns, have a long history in Norse mythology, from Odin hanging himself on an oak tree in order to gain knowledge to the tree being sacred to Thor.

“After riding out storms, druids would come and collect acorns, which were always miraculously spared from the god’s wrath,”

Symbol Sage

So, due to its ability to withstand lightning, an acorn has become a symbol of good fortune and luck. 

Bamboo Sleeve Tattoo @zittenofart

To Improve The Flow Of Energy

Did you know that bamboo is considered to be lucky? According to the ancient practice of  Feng Shui, this plant brings good luck and fortune when placed in the house.

According to Tattoo Filter, the more stalks that a bamboo plant has, the more luck it is meant to bring you, with five stalks representing wealth and six stalks representing good luck.

Horseshoe Tattoo @matcha.inks

Minimalist Tattoo Idea For Luck

If you’re a fan of simple inkings, consider a horseshoe tattoo. This minimalist symbol means good luck, success, and wealth.

This symbolism can be attributed to many different things: There are seven holes in a horseshoe coinciding with the lucky number seven, and iron used to be seen as a metal that can help protect people from evil. 

However, it’s important to get the tattoo done the right way around in order to get the meaning you want. 

“Hanging a horseshoe with the ends pointing down is believed that the luck will ‘fall out,’ thus defeating the purpose of your horseshoe,”

Inked Mag
Mini Ladybug Collarbone Tattoo @blackqueentattoo

For Those Looking For A Cute Tattoo Design

The ladybug has long been associated with good luck and protection.

“Other traits the ladybug represents are love, friendship, happiness, luck, good deeds done, and protection. The reason why the ladybug is a symbol of friendship is because it gives us a hand in the garden by pollinating flowers,”

Tattoo SEO

You could opt for a realistic, colorful ladybug tattoo to perfectly encapsulate its beauty, or for a more simplistic design, you could choose a single line or outline tattoo.

Four Leaf Clover And Dream Catcher Tattoo @hktattoo_tina

A tattoo can be powerful. Permanently inked designs have a fantastic ability to represent our beliefs, values, and desires. By choosing a tattoo design that symbolizes luck, you can have a physical representation of the kind of energy you want to bring to the next phase of your life.

Whether traditional symbols call to you like the four-leaf clover and horseshoe, or spiritual angel numbers appeal to you, there is a good luck tattoo that can serve as a constant reminder of your intentions.

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