4 Things You Should Know About Neck Tattoos

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You’re no stranger to the tattoo needle…You’ve dappled extensively in body art, and now you feel it’s time to take this passion to the next level of commitment – with a neck tattoo.

Before you book your appointment, it’s important to know what exactly you’re getting yourself into, because this is a tattoo placement that is rather unique in its round-the-clock visibility. 

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Do Neck And Throat Tattoos Hurt? 

Yes, getting a tattoo in this area does tend to hurt. This skin around the neck and throat is thin and includes a bunch of nerve endings, which can make the tattoo experience uncomfortable. However, even in this small surface area, there are places that hurt more than others. 

The most painful area of the neck to get tattooed is the throat. The thin skin coupled with sensitive nerves and the impact on your breathing all makes this a difficult spot to tattoo, not just for you to sit through, but also for your tattoo artist. 

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When it comes to the side of the neck, Authority Tattoo says,

“This area is considered one of the least painful places to get a tattoo. The side of the neck doesn’t have nearly the amount of nerves as the front does. However, as with most things, it depends on the individual.”

The back of the neck includes the cranial nerves of the spine which send signals from our senses and organs to our brain. As such, the back of the neck can be a painful spot to tattoo, especially when focusing on the top of the spine.

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Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make getting a neck tattoo less uncomfortable. First of all, replace alcohol with water,

“Preparing your skin is crucial, and what better way is there to do that than to hydrate? Drinking loads of water before your appointment will help your skin accept the ink, which will enhance the result.”

Couple this with a nutritious, filling meal. If your blood sugar isn’t stable, there’s a higher chance of you fainting. 

Then, ensure you get a solid night of rest before your appointment. The more tired you are, the more sensitive you are to pain. 

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Do Neck And Throat Tattoos Fade Quickly? 

The neck is a tricky area to tattoo due to the thinness of the skin. If the needle goes too deep, your tattoo might blowout (spreading away from the lines of the tattoo design), and if the needle doesn’t go deep enough, the tattoo will fade fast. 

This is why one of the best things you can do to ensure tattoo longevity is to choose an experienced tattoo artist. Take your time – and spend the money – to go to a tattooist who is well-versed in neck tattoos.

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Another element that impacts the life of a tattoo is exposure to the sun. UVA and UVB rays break down tattoo ink, so if your tattoo is exposed and uncovered a lot – like a neck tattoo – chances are your ink will fade quickly. This is where sunscreen comes in – lather it on whenever you go outside!

The neck is also an area that is affected by aging – the skin here stretches and sags, which will distort a tattoo. To combat this, moisturize.

“Regular use of skin moisturizers helps hydrate the skin and thus aids in decreasing wrinkles that detract from the overall appearance of the skin — including a tattoo that may be there,”

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Will A Neck Tattoo Affect Your Job Opportunities? 

Attitudes around tattoos have changed completely over the last 50 years. People and companies are way more accepting of body art in the 21st century. But, a visible tattoo can still impact your job opportunities. 

According to research done by Workopolis, of over 300 employers interviewed,

“Fourteen percent said they would be less likely to hire someone with tattoos, 23% said it would not affect their decision, and the rest said it would depend on the number and location of the tattoos and/or the role being filled.” 

Obviously, when it comes to visible tattoos and jobs, so much depends on the industry you work in. Before getting a neck tattoo, think about both the role you’re in now and where you’re heading in your career. 

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Are Neck Tattoos Difficult To Remove? 

What happens if you end up hating your tattoo? While tattoos can last a lifetime, they don’t necessarily have to. Tattoos can be removed, but not by any home remedies. Tattoo removal creams that are sold online primarily don’t work; Healthline explains,

“Tattoo removal creams don’t work and can cause serious skin reactions that result in permanent skin or tissue damage. These creams shouldn’t be used as an alternative to FDA-approved treatments.”

Other options are dermabrasion which involves using an abrasive brush to rub the tattooed skin away, and the surgical route that cuts away the tattoo completely leaving a scar in its place.

These options are not something doctors usually recommend – the first choice when it comes to tattoo removal, including neck and throat tattoos, is laser tattoo removal.

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Laser tattoo removal involves using a laser on the skin to break down the ink. The ink particles are pulled into the body to be excreted – it basically speeds up and intensifies the process of your tattoo fading.

In order to get as much of the ink broken down as possible, you need to go for a few sessions. The amount of sessions you go for is also dependent on the color of your tattoo, as well as size.

However, while neck tattoos can be challenging to get, they’re not tricky to remove…but that doesn’t mean the laser process is pain free, either.  

“…removing tattoos on the face and neck is generally easier thanks to closer proximity to blood and lymph nodes, which help carry the ink pigment away from the site and out of your system. While the skin in these areas is delicate, it’s the closeness to bones that makes it sensitive during the removal process,”

Medermis Laser Clinic

So, just as getting a neck tattoo is uncomfortable, so is removing it.

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All tattoos are a commitment, however some placements require a deeper level of certainty than others. A neck or throat tattoo is one of those placements, as it will be on display 99% of the time.

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